Marigold & Grey Launches Same-Sex Wedding & Engagement Gift Boxes

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Perhaps you’re aware of our Happily Ever After curated gift box? This gift design, perfect for engagement gifts and client gifts, has been one of our best sellers from the very beginning and while we’ve happily swapped out the gender-specific mugs and soaps to accommodate same sex couples, we are proud to officially offer the ‘Mr & Mr’ and ‘Mrs & Mrs’ versions in our online shop. We want all of our couples (and our customers who gift to them) to feel welcome. By officially adding these same-sex gifts to the shop as opposed to offering them a “special request” as we have previously, we finally feel that our online shop reflects a high-end gifting experience for ALL.

The Mr & Mrs

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

The Mrs & Mrs

And now for the new designs! As with before, the gift boxes contain gourmet shortbread cookies, an artisan candle by Brooklyn Candle Co, and signature tea towel with “Happily Ever After”. But now, the “Mrs & Mrs” will reflect a pair of Mrs. mugs along with a pair of “Hello Gorgeous” soaps!

The Mr & Mr

And for the ‘Mr & Mr’ gift design, you’ll now see a pair of Mr. mugs along with a pair of “Hello Handsome” soaps!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

The contents are carefully packaged in a beautiful pine wood gift box with cover and finished off with ivory ribbon and “congrats” calligraphy gift tag! Dried eucalyptus as accent too! We will include a hand-written note on your behalf and drop ship directly to the recipients.

We’ve always welcomed ALL couples but are happy to take steps to make it even more apparent by adding these to our online collection. We welcome your feedback. Please drop us a note in the comments or reach out via our contact page. To check out the collection, go HERE!

Marigold & Grey Introduces New ‘Happy Housewarming’ Curated Gift Box Design

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone you know is moving into a new place! We’re thrilled to announce that our brand new signature ‘Happy Housewarming’ gift design is now available in our online shop with FREE SHIPPING and no order minimums. We include a handwritten note on your behalf and drop-ship directly to your recipient. In addition to being used as a housewarming or hostess gift, it could also be great for realtor, mortgage banker or interior designer client gifts.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

We based the gift around a sturdy kraft box with lid because of it’s cozy, home-like feel. Contents include a set of small batch lavender lotion and soap in coordinating pump bottles, an artisan candle with match boxes, Lark rosemary shortbread cookies, and our signature ‘Home Sweet Home’ tea towel featuring calligraphy by Poppy & Scooter!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

We finish the gift off with dried eucalyptus, ivory satin ribbon and a gold foil gift tag with “congrats”. Again, with calligraphy by Poppy & Scooter in order to provide a completely cohesive look!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

So, what do you think? Leave us a note in the comments or reach out via our contact page. We always love hearing what you have to say! And to shop this gift, visit HERE.

How to Create a Mother’s Day Curated Gift Box

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

While it might getting too late to order something special for Mom online, it’s definitely not too late to create a curated gift box to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day! We recently collaborated with our friend Monica of Lavin Label (a favorite blog of ours!!) on a spring-time gift box making party complete with Oyster Bay wine and garden-inspired gift contents. We’re SO excited to share this with you!

We consider a natural pine wood box to be the perfect blank slate to begin curated your gift for mom. It holds plenty of items and allows the beauty of each item to really pop!

With Mother’s Day falling in spring, we loved the idea of garden-inspired items along with other spa-like contents for Mom to enjoy. The gift boxes featured a lavender lotion and soap set for the kitchen, small batch soaps for the powder room, an artisan candle in the shape of a flower, and a lavender sachet.

We love finishing touches! We added a fresh succulent to each box to make it come alive. It’s also something Mom can care for and keep over time as a constant reminder of Mother’s Day.

Lastly, we couldn’t resist a vintage-inspired pair of gardening gloves. We slipped them under the blush satin ribbon along with a calligraphy tag with the message to “enjoy”.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day including moms, moms-to-be, step moms, women anxiously awaiting their chance for motherhood, moms who have experienced loss and even women who have stepped up to fill the role of mom. Much love to you ALL this weekend!

If you have any gift boxes in the works for Mom, pretty please share them with us! We’d love to see what you come up with. Reach out via our contact page or drop us a comment in the post.

Marigold & Grey Offering Curated Gifts with Free Mother’s Day Card and Gift Tag by Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Mother’s Day is coming up so it’s time for a special offer to make this day extra meaningful for all the moms out there! Effective immediately, while supplies last, any gift ordered from our online shop between now and Sunday, May 14th will automatically include a FREE “Happy Mothers Day” rose gold foil greeting card and matching gift tag, both designed by Laura Hooper Calligraphy! Make use code “MOMLOVE” at checkout to qualify for this special offer.

Image: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Image: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

The Particulars

  • Gift card and gift tag quantities are limited so order right away! Once the cards and tags are depleted, the “MOMLOVE” code will be deactivated and we will resume filling orders with the gift tags pictured with each gift in our online shop. Don’t worry! We will still handwrite a message of your choice to accompany each gift at no additional charge.
  • Online orders placed by Tuesday, May 9th should arrive in time for Mother’s Day for most all US shipping locations.
  • This promotion is limited to one per customer.

While most all of our curated gift box designs are easily enjoyed by moms, here are a few of our favorites which are well-suited for Mother’s Day!

Spa Day


Image: Laura Metzler Photo

Deluxe Lavender


Image: Red October Photography

Hostess with the Mostess

Mothers Day Gift Ideas by Marigold & Grey

Image: Laura Metzler Photography

We hope you’re as excited about these beautiful additions to our curated gifts as we are! Let us know what you think! Leave a comment in this post or reach out via our contact page!

How to Create The Perfect May Day Curated Gift Basket

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

The way we see it here at studio Marigold & Grey, May Day is essentially the modern day version of “ding dong dash” except with a gorgeous surprise at the door as opposed to something not-so-great. May Day celebrations vary greatly around the world and even within various regions of the U.S. so depending on where you are, you may not celebrate. But regardless, it’s time for a little how-to just in case you want to show a little gratitude to someone you love in the form of a May Day basket. Sure, it’s last minute (May Day is today!) but because it’s SO simple, we’re confident after reading this you’ll be able to throw something beautiful together in no time.


Image: Red October Photography: Styling: Marigold & Grey


The essential item for any May Day basket is a floral bouquet. In fact, most May Day gifts only consist of florals. But since we are a curated gift box business, it’s probably no surprise that we think it’s fun to start with the florals and build from there! To achieve a spring-time feel, we opted for fresh tulips (from the grocery store!) and tied them together with a silk ribbon in nude.


Image: Red October Photography: Ribbon: Torn & Tied


Since it’s not merely a floral bouquet you’ll be leaving on the porch, you’ll need some sort of vessel to store all the goodies. We’ve opted for a white lacquer box from Container Store but you could really use any type of basket like this or even a structured gift bag like this.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Gift Tag or Note

There are two ways you can go here. You can use a simple gift tag like the one you see here with “enjoy” in calligraphy (Poppy & Scooter) or a simple note card would also work well. In keeping with tradition. May Day gifts are usually anonymous but we won’t tell if you want to sign your name and add a few words of gratitude.


We love the idea of tea in a May Day basket. Here’s why. Tea is easy to find at virtually any grocery store or gift shop, comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns as well as tons of flavors. We selected Par Avion tea in a peach tin but you could really go with anything you can easily find and that you know your friend will enjoy!


Don’t forget the sweets. We love the idea of a small chocolate bar. Again, easy to find on short notice and it’s something most anyone will love. We selected an artisan chocolate bar with Washington DC packaging from one of our favorite local makers Fleurir Chocolates. Similar to the tea, chocolate bars come in many different varieties and the options for packaging are endless so have fun with this!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

While at first glance, it might appear complicated to pull something together but I promise you, it really isn’t! Simple florals, tea, some sweets and a pretty container and notecard and you’re done! We’d love to hear how it goes! Leave us a comment at the end of this post or reach out via our contact page. We always love seeing your creations. Happy May Day!

Spring-Inspired Thank You Gift Box Ideas

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you’re in the DC area where we are, you can’t help but hope that this gorgeous spring weather is here to stay! Today, we’re sharing our favorite curated gift boxes that remind us most of spring. These are all part of our ready-to-ship Pre-Designed Gift Collection in our online shop. They’re perfect for thank you gifts but they’re just as appropriate for Easter gifts, Mothers Day gifts, hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, engagement gifts, bridal party gifts and more.

Deluxe Lavender

Perhaps you recall us launching this brand new gift design, the Deluxe Lavender, in our online shop recently. It’s a much more robust version of our best-selling Luxe Lavender gift. With full-size bottles of lotion and hand soap, lavender bath salts, earl grey tea, a lavender sachet, artisan candle with matches and a calligraphy gift tag, this is the perfect way to express thanks.

Yes Way Rosé

Our signature Yes Way Rosé gift design is the epitome of spring time. An artisan candle in ‘rose botanic’, two Rose & Coconut facial masques, a neutral tea towel, a vial of bath salts and dried rose petals and calligraphy gift tag with ‘enjoy’ round out this design.

Glitter & Gold

Our signature Glitter & Gold gift is bright and fun yet soft and feminine at the same time. The gift design centers around a gold glitter wine tumbler (with lid and straw for on-the-go!) along with a polka dot tote bag, artisan candle with polka dot matchboxes, bath salts, and a gorgeous ‘thank you’ calligraphy gift tag.

But First Coffee

At first I was concerned about including out signature But First Coffee gift box in this line up because when you think of spring you don’t think of warm drinks. But let’s be real. Coffee is year round and with the floral motif on the Ceremony Coffee bag, whimsical lettering on the mug, and blush ribbon tying up the sugar cubes, it definitely feels like spring to me! Oh, and let’s not forget the “enjoy” calligraphy gift tag and precious little gold spoon that finish off the gift.

Even if we have to wait another couple of weeks for spring-like weather to truly arrive around here, we hope you feel prepared to gift thanks this season. For more gift ideas for every season, make sure you’re on our email list for free gift guides and tips. Head here to sign up for free!