Vlog Episode 4 // Behind The Scenes of Gifting Business Marigold & Grey’s Spring Wedding Season

Posted by: Carla Stubbs | Studio Assistant & Videographer

Here at Marigold & Grey, spring wedding season is one of our favorite times of the year. While it can get chaotic at time (an organized chaos, as we like to say), we love bringing weddings to life with wedding welcome gift boxes and tote bags that compliment our couples’ wedding aesthetic. Wedding welcome gifts are where we got our start back in 2014 so we always get excited when we get to work on several wedding projects at once!

In this vlog, you’ll see us build, photograph, deliver and ship wedding welcome gifts for four very different weddings! Masculine, navy boxes for Grit and Grace‘s Mad-Men-Meets-West-Elm wedding at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C., fresh white and green gifts for a Florida wedding (with welcome letters and tags designed by the bride herself!), Virginia welcome bags for a Middleburg wedding with Simply Breathe Events, and classic white and gold gift boxes for an NYC wedding with Strawberry Milk Events. We even managed to mitigate a potential issue when some of our gift boxes arrived damaged.  Thankfully, the next day, another shipment was delivered so we had no problems from that point forward.

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Posted by: Carla Stubbs | Studio Assistant & Videographer

During our holiday season last year, we pushed the spacial limits of Studio Marigold & Grey to the brink! We ended up moving most of our studio furniture into Jamie’s office to make room for pallets, boxes, basket fill and product for our custom and pre-designed projects. Once we got the studio back to normal in January, we realized that our current set-up just wasn’t working for our ever-growing business anymore. What worked when we moved in almost two years ago, wasn’t allowing for the larger projects, bigger team and operational efficiencies we now needed. We were ready for a studio makeover!

Our main goal was to create a direct line from the front door, all the way to the back of the studio where we build and package our custom gift projects. We also wanted to create an office area that was separate from the rest of the studio so we can keep better organized when large gift builds start to take over the whole studio. Lastly, we wanted to maintain a comfy couch and chair area, what we affectionately refer to as the “Living Room”, for our morning meetings and lunchtime (and let’s face it…an occasional post-work nap for Jamie haha).

Enjoy a peek into the studio makeover and a quick tour of our refreshed space!

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Vlog Episode 2 // Marigold & Grey Says Goodbye to Director of Operations

Posted by: Carla Stubbs | Studio Assistant & Videographer

A few weeks back we shared that our Director of Operations Kelly was leaving Marigold & Grey to welcome her first child, a baby girl! We were so sad to see Kelly go, but before she left, we knew we wanted to celebrate the huge impact she’s had on Marigold & Grey over the past two years!

Before we could surprise her, we had to finish up a batch of equestrian-inspired wedding welcome gifts for a Maryland farm wedding, photograph them, and deliver them. While Kelly was out making her final gift delivery, we snuck out to grab some cupcakes (and even found a gluten-free cupcake for Jamie!) While it felt silly to give Kelly a gift from our shop, in addition to a few other surprises, we couldn’t resist sending her off with a variation of our very own Mom-to-Be gift, the full Marigold & Grey treatment!

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Vlog Episode 1 // Marigold & Grey CEO Reveals Biggest Business Disaster

Posted by: Carla Stubbs | Studio Assistant & Videographer

Did you catch our official vlog intro video where we explained exactly why we decided to start a YouTube channel in the first place? In it, we promised you that Episode One would be coming soon and that time is here!!! In this first episode, Jamie shares the biggest business disaster she’s experienced since starting the business and how she (along with the team) remedied the situation. Yep… we’re really sharing the biggest mistake!

When I joined the team in January, this mishap was still fresh on Jamie’s mind and not necessarily in a good way.  But as soon as I heard the full story, I knew it was too important to keep to ourselves. Disasters have a way of feeling slightly less terrible as time passes and once Jamie got to the point where she affectionately referred to it as #Peargate, I knew that sharing this experience would hopefully shine a light on the messy and not-so-fun aspects of owning a business and the work it takes to lead a business when things don’t go your way. Jamie flew to Florida (TWICE in the same week!) during our busiest time of year to remedy the gifts, not because she had to, but because she knew that it was the right thing to do for our client.

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