Artisan Gifting Business Marigold & Grey Announce Galentine’s Giftaway Winner

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

This year, we decided to forego the traditional Valentine’s Day route and celebrate our girlfriends instead! You may recall, we recently shared how to curate a Galentine’s Day gift box of your own and decided to host a gift-away for the box we created. In true Marigold & Grey fashion, we shipped the gift directly to the winner’s recipient of choice as a gift-away because we believe it’s always better to gift than to receive.

Okay, time to meet our winner! Congratulations to Jessica Rogers! Not only will she be gifting our Galentine’s Day box to her long-time bestie, Karley, she was kind enough to give us her thoughts on selecting her Galentine!


What prompted you to enter Marigold & Grey’s Galentine’s Giftaway?

I’m a total M&G fangirl, constantly swooning over the gifts you specially curate.  When I saw the contents of this gift-away and the heart behind the idea, I knew I wanted to try and win for my best friend!

Tell us about the recipient you chose.

The recipient I chose is Karley, my best friend.  She is a nursing supervisor at a very busy hospital ER, but she would be happiest if you joined her while she decorated her house with all the best details, practiced pilates, read a good book, or drank coffee and ate macaroons while listening to the Andrews Sisters.  We met when we were 15 while dating best friends that she knew from high school and I knew from youth group.  Eventually, the guys broke up with us, but we have remained best friends all these years.  Even though we haven’t lived in the same state for more than 1 or 2 years at a time, she’s my dearest friend and we have consistently celebrated personal victories and encouraged each other through the really hard stuff.  Karley is fiercely loyal to her family and closest friends and I’m constantly amazed by her personal and professional accomplishments.

Artisan Gifting Business Artisan-Gifting-company-Marigold-and-Grey-Celebrates-Galentines-Day-Giftaway-1

What does your Galentine mean to you?

There aren’t many friends that stick with you through high school drama, college heartache, getting married, and having babies while living several states away, but Karley has.  I can tell her anything, share the scary and hard stuff, and know I will be listened to and loved at the end of it.  Many people would have drifted apart or called it quits long ago, but we didn’t and I’m so thankful.  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend!

Why do you want to celebrate her with this gift?

Karley is my best friend, but she has taken my entire family on as her own to love and care for.  I am so grateful to have her as the best honorary auntie to my little girls and for her thoughtful encouragement to me and my husband in our marriage.  She’s a generous and intentional gift giver to all of us and so I thought for once, she should be the recipient of such a well-curated gift!  I hope this is a special part of her Valentine’s celebration.  She deserves it!

Artisan Gifting Business Artisan-Gifting-company-Marigold-and-Grey-Celebrates-Galentines-Day-Giftaway-3

Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for another “giftaway” in the near future!

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes for Arizona Conference

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you know anything about us, you know we love when gifts play double-duty. These corporate holiday gifts held two very important purposes – to wish Hirtle & Callaghan clients happy holidays and to encourage them to attend the firm’s January conference in Arizona.

For this gift, we needed to blend a holiday gift with some desert flair. We chose a kraft box with burgundy, black and white colors to keeps the gifts as masculine as possible while still having a warm look and feel that will immediately remind recipients of Arizona.

Inside, we selected four high-impact items to make a statement. We commissioned custom black-and-white cactus cookies from Sugar Studio and sourced tortilla chips and salsa from local Arizona brands. To finish it off, we added a live succulent to each gift.

For the custom note, we opted for a card from Just Write Studios inside the gift with the phrase ‘Arizona Awaits’ and a personal note from the company. Outside the box, we used silky merlot ribbon with a gold ‘happy holidays’ tag.

In addition to wedding welcome gifts and social gifts for all occasions, we love creating versatile gifts that make a statement for our corporate clients. Not only do we mirror the aesthetic of our clients’ events, but they also need to be useful to the recipients. It’s a balancing act and we’re always up for the challenge. For more information on Custom Gift Design Service, please inquire HERE.

How to Curate a Galentine’s Day Gift Box

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you’ve been in a grocery store recently (or any store, really), you know that Valentine’s Day is almost here. But instead of your run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day gifts, here at Studio Marigold & Grey, we’re celebrating Galentine’s Day instead. It’s the perfect chance to show our love and appreciation for all the ladies in our lives and yours.  Okay, time for a little ‘how-to’ just in case you want to show some love to your best girlfriends in the form of a curated gift box. You know, our favorite love language!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Fun Mug

We love mugs but it can’t just be any mug. We searched high and low for the perfect progirl-power-yet-still-fun-and-feminine mug phrase and after countless examples of “ovaries before brovaries” and “uteruses before duderesses”, we almost gave up. But then it happened. We fell hard for this adorable “You’re The She To My Nanigans” Mug. Not a mug fan? Other great options include tumbler cups, travel coffee cups or even wine glasses. By the way, wine tumblers even come in stainless steel these days and we can’t get enough.


To pair with your cup of choice, add a beverage. We chose to go with a bag of Ceremony Coffee in their signature black and white packaging. Tea, a great bottle of wine, or especially champagne would work perfectly as well.


Silky pajamas from Plum Pretty Sugar are the next item. We loved the adorable botanical print – perfect for a woman at any age. With tons of patterns and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect set for your bestie.

Bath Item

A Galentine’s Day gift wouldn’t be complete without a spa item. We chose mint julep bath scrub but any color-coordinated bath product would do as long as it smells amazing and actually does what it says it will do. Perfect for an evening of self-care!

Girly Candle

We selected a modern, floral-scented candle to provide a feeling of spring. A great smelling candle is the perfect addition to any spa-themed box.

Heart-Shaped Something

A Galentine’s Day gift wouldn’t be complete without a heart-shaped item. We selected a heart-shaped bath bomb with rose petals but truthfully, the possibilities are endless here.  It is the perfect addition to the spa-themed gift but anything with a fun Valentine’s day flair will do!

Gift Tag & Notecard

Don’t forget to add a customized gift tag and notecard to your gift. We dreamed up a classic black and white “XO” set by Just Write Studios. The best part about receiving a gift is knowing the thought behind it, so be sure to include a heartfelt, handwritten note.


For a touch of traditional Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the blooms! We chose tulips for yet another nod to springtime. Once you tie the ribbon around the box, you can easily slide the stems underneath the ribbon and the florals act as part of the gift in addition to a gorgeous finishing touch!

Voila! You’re ready to share the love with the gals in your life! Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook in the next few days for our Galentine’s Giftaway announcement! Yup, you guessed it. We’re giving away the gift box you see in this post. And because we believe it’s always better to gift than receive, if you’re the winner, we’ll drop-ship the gift to your galentine of choice! Good luck!

To check out our full collection of Pre-Designed Gift Boxes for all occasions, head on over to our online shop. Gifts in the shop have no order minimums and are offered with free shipping!

Top Client Appreciation Gift Designs of 2017

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

The absolute best part of owning a small business is working with other small business owners to help them grow their businesses. I love the challenge that comes with expressing a business owner’s brand in the form of a gift. It brings me joy to know that not only are we helping them improve their client experience, but we’re also taking the heavy lifting of gifting off their shoulders so they can get back to focusing on the core of their own businesses and doing what they’re best at.

I’m SO excited to share with you our Top Client Gift Designs of 2017…here we go!

Navy & White Client Gift Boxes for the LA Galaxy

Between the project we did for the Anaheim Ducks and these for the LA Galaxy, we were beginning to think that 2017 was the year of the sports teams! We took inspiration from their branding colors, navy and white, and also included touches of gold to play off the yellow in their logo. The idea was to create traditional food and drink centered gifts featuring artisan coffee and hot cocoa, branded mugs, and small batch biscotti by Buttercream Bakeshop. We used flowy navy ribbon by Torn & Tied along with custom branded gift tags by Just Write Studios to finish off the crisp, traditional white gift boxes.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

 Modern Gift Boxes for DC Wedding Planner Caroline Dutton Events

DC area wedding planner Caroline Dutton of Caroline Dutton Events wanted help creating custom holiday gifts for her clients that would accurately reflect her brand and we were happy to jump in! In order to achieve a clean, modern, classic look reflective of her style, we selected black gift boxes with striped grosgrain ribbon and branded gift tags. Contents included useful home decor items such as gold foil holiday post-it notes, grey and white tea towels, along with an artisan candle. Custom, branded holiday notecards were included for a festive, personal touch. Fresh pine and pine cones finished off this seasonal look.

Image: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Image: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Image: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Image: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Wellness-Inspired Gift Crates for CREC

CREC manages commercial real estate properties in Miami and Ft Lauderdale and every year, each location loves gifting their tenants for the holidays. Their corporate culture embodies health and wellness so naturally they wanted to reflect these core values in the gifts. We used pine crates for a fresh, natural vibe and in addition to chocolates and peanuts, we also included healthier options such as pears, dried kiwi, tea and sparkling water. Custom logo gift tags and insert notecards finished off the gifts along with bright red, festive ribbon!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography


Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Spa-Inspired Client Gift Boxes for Ribbon & Ink

Katie Durski, founder and owner of Ribbon & Ink, has been a client of ours from the very beginning and I’ve loved being a part of her evolving brand and her gifting program as well. For her most recent gift design, Katie asked us to create a spa-like experience for her clients along with providing some elements for styling since, after all, she does branding and web design for creative entrepreneurs. Perhaps you recall seeing these when we shared them earlier this year here? We chose crisp white boxes and filled them to the brim with relaxation items such as bath bombs, a candle, a tin of tea and an entire spool of Torn & Tied ribbon. We incorporated the Ribbon & Ink logo on the gift tag as well as adorable little tea cups.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Wedding Photographer Gift Boxes for Anny Photography

Ann Hoang, owner and founder of Anny Photography, is another client we are proud to say has been with us since we first opened our doors in 2014. As Ann’s brand has evolved, so have her gifts. She has gone from a more feminine, playful look to a much more neutral, soft and sophisticated look. It was such a joy completely reconfiguring her curated gift boxes this year by selecting crisp white boxes, a set of his and her vow books, Mr & Mrs mugs, and an artisan candle. Gold foil “congrats” tags and flowy taupe ribbon finished off the look!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography


Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Mortgage Banker Gift Boxes for Fidelity Mortgage

Confession. These next gifts were designed for my very own Mom. But I’m not being biased, they truly ARE a favorite. As a mortgage broker, the goal was to create custom gifts that could be sent to her clients immediately upon closing on their new home. We selected kraft gift boxes for a comfortable, home-like vibe and filled it with an artisan candle and matches, a neutral tea towel, a small batch soap and lotion set and last but not least, a custom “Home Sweet Home” cookie in the shape of a house, by Sugar Studio. We included the Fidelity Mortgage logo on each gift tag and printed her license number just below it to remain compliant with the use of the logo.

best-client-gift-boxes-fidelity-mortgage-marigold-grey best-client-gift-boxes-fidelity-mortgage-marigold-grey

 “Better Together” Client Gift Boxes for AIA

Whoa. This particular project was a challenge. In fact, I almost didn’t accept the project because I was concerned it wasn’t necessarily the right fit. But in reality, I was afraid that we would fail since the aesthetic wasn’t our norm and so once my team assured me it could be done from a logistical standpoint, I got over my nerves and we pushed forward! It really forced us out of our comfort zone and big time. The client wanted gifts in a black, white and grey color palette (only) and we weren’t allowed to use any basket fill to secure the items so we ended up learning how to use foam in lieu of basket fill. Not only that, but the items had to be in-line with their “Better Together” marketing campaign so the items not only had to be on-brand color-wise but also had to go together in thematic pairs. We came up with Sugarfina Pale Ale Pints and Virginia peanuts for “beer and nuts”. We used tupelo honey and small tea tins for “tea and honey”. We used an artisan candle and match box for “candle and matches”. Despite the challenges, this project delighted the client and has ended up being one of the projects we are most proud of in the history of Marigold & Grey!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Aqua & Red Holiday Gift Boxes for Parrish Orthodontics

Parrish Orthodontics has multiple locations in their large practice and receive referrals from countless dentists in the area. Naturally when the holidays roll around, they want to do something nice to thank the referring dentists for all for the patients they’re sending their way. This year, Parrish wanted to do something unique and fun that would get people’s attention and stand out amongst all the other gifts coming through the door in December. We used the aqua in their branding and paired it with bright red for a fun, festive spin on the traditional holiday red and green. We included a trio of gourmet cookies, holiday themed chocolates by Chouquette, Virginia peanuts and an artisan candle in a spruce scent. But the most unique part of all…custom cookies in the shape of a tooth with braces. Just love what Sugar Studio came up with for these! Custom logo gifts tags by Just Write Studios and red ribbon finished off the look.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography


Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Washington DC-Inspired Gift Boxes for Pike Productions

When Bruce Pike, owner and founder of DC-area Pike Productions, was looking for custom gifts for his local DC clients, we immediately knew we wanted to take these gifts in a local-to-DC direction! Contents included cedar coaster sets etched with the neighborhoods of DC, Compass Coffee, DC monument chocolates and more. We finished the gifts off with logo gift tags and deluxe black satin ribbon.

Image: Jen S Photography

Image: Jen S Photography


Image: Jen S Photography

Traditional Holiday Gift Boxes for Childress Klein

Commercial real estate firm Childress Klein wanted to send holiday gifts to their clients that would not only stand out, but also delight their recipients! We kept the curated gift boxes food-focused and used a traditional holiday palette of greens and golds. We selected deluxe white gift boxes to hold gourmet nuts, holiday chocolates, gourmet coffee chocolate bar and mint small batch cookies. Custom holiday notecards and matching logo gift tags were created. We finished them off with fresh greenery, pine cones and emerald ribbon by Torn & Tied.


Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Organic Gift Boxes for Annie Ryan Photography

Last but definitely not least, I’m thrilled to feature these organic-inspired wood gift boxes we created for Annie Ryan Photography. It was important to Annie that upon booking a new couple, that she would send gifts that were intended for both the bride and groom, rather than just her brides. With this in mind, we opted for a Mr and Mrs mug set along with small batch Ceremony Coffee. We also included a large package of gourmet cookies for the Annie’s couples to share together. With the help of Just Write Studios, we created black and white logo gift tags along with custom welcome notes and finished each curated gift box off with a eucalyptus sprig silky taupe ribbon.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Now that you’ve seen our lineup, we’re dying to know…which one is YOUR favorite and why? For my information on custom client gifting with us, visit HERE or email us at We’d love to hear from you as always!

Top Custom Corporate Event Gift Designs of 2017

Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Back in 2014, I started out designing welcome gifts for weddings but it has quickly expanded to welcome gifts for corporate events as well. I love the challenge of bringing thoughtful, personal touches to corporate event gifts and surprising the attendees with packaging and contents that are a far cry from the typical, boring, predicable corporate gift box they’re accustomed to seeing. This is exactly why I’m over-the-moon excited to share with you this year’s Top 10 corporate event gift designs! Here we go…

Anaheim Ducks

It’s not everyday that we get to gift professional hockey players and their significant others which is why we were elated to be asked by the Anaheim Ducks to come up with something really impactful for them to gift at their annual holiday party. This year’s theme was “winter wonderland” so we kept everything white with accents of black and grey to achieve a modern, unisex gift design that would coordinate perfectly with the party. We included engraved cedar coaster sets with the Anaheim Ducks logo, his and hers luxe mittens and gloves, an artisan candle, bubbly and last but not least, a set of hockey skate cookies by Sugar Studio. We finished off the deluxe white gift boxes with crisp white ribbon and gift tags with shiny gold foil (Just Write Studios) and the Ducks logo again.

Arizona Awaits

With a major event approaching, rather than gifting attendees at the actual event, we sent “Arizona Awaits” themed gifts on the client’s behalf ahead of the event to drum up interest and excitement! To achieve the Arizona look and feel, we included a modern spin on cactus cookies (Sugar Studio), local tortilla chips and salsa as well as large succulents. We finished them off with a custom welcome note on the inside (Just Write Studios) and silky merlot ribbon (Torn & Tied) on a ‘happy holidays’ tag on the outside.

Ensemble Health Montana Retreat

Ensemble Heath Partners was headed to Montana with both employees and clients for a cozy corporate retreat at Paws Up, a luxury resort and ranch. They wanted gifts to reflect the location and feel of the event and we were absolutely up for the challenge! We selected weathered grey wood crates for the packaging along with trail mix, Montana jam, Paws Up wine tumblers, locally-sourced caramels, and cedar Montana coaster sets. The gifts were given a professional touch with logo gift tags and custom welcome letters featuring a personal note from the company’s CEO. And since the event was held in December, fresh pine and pine cones served as seasonal accents.

Utah First Unisex Spa Gifts

When Utah First Credit Union came to DC for an event welcoming clients and employees, they wanted to treat their attendees to spa-themed gifts a few days into the conference. They were gifted on a particular day where there was a lot of walking around the city on the itinerary. While spa gifts tend to lean more towards the feminine, these gifts had to be completely unisex. We included bath salts, a travel candle with matches, and a cube of Sugarfina candy. We also had custom gift tags and a welcome note designed by Just Write Studios for that added personal touch! By the way, did I mention that any client with branding colors in marigold and grey are automatically our dream client?!

Cline Rose Business Birthday

When a small business owner makes it to their ten year business birthday, it is worthy of celebrating. This is especially true when they time a rebrand to coincide with this very same anniversary. And Joanna Abizaid, owner and founder of Cline Rose Designs, did just that. Our goal was to show off her fresh, new and white branding along with some both fun and useful items. We added her new logo to hardback journals. We also include real life succulents with adorable painted teracotta pots in blue and white! To emphasize Cline Rose’s milestone birthday, we selected confetti cookies by Buttercream Bakeshop and a little box of gold birthday candles.


Thermoseal was elated to discover that they no longer had to put gifts together themselves or come up with any more creative ideas for gifting once they discovered they could outsource the entire process to us. This was an all-male corporate retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania and we had a blast working with them on these ultra-masculine welcome gifts. There would be bird watching excursions, time by the outdoor fire pit and other outdoor activities so naturally, we opted for rustic wood crates filled with binoculars, artisan smore’s kits, Yeti tumblers for cocktail hour, Pennsylvania-made pretzels, flask-shaped water bottles and custom Nemacolin logo cookies. The crates were finished off with gift tags featuring the event logo along with deep navy ribbon.


Deutser was responsible for planning several corporate retreats at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia on behalf of their client, Phi Air Medical. With a mostly all-male attendee list, we needed something that leaned masculine but not overly-so since there would be a few ladies in attendance. We also wanted to highlight some Virginia items as well, to add to the feeling of a destination getaway for the guests. Perhaps you remember these from our post earlier this year? We selected kraft boxes for a natural feel along with Virginia peanuts and leather Virginia koozies. We also included water bottles in the shape of flasks for a nod to the outdoors. Custom logo gift tags and black satin ribbon incorporated the client’s branding while custom designed conference brochures served as a functional piece to let attendees know important itinerary info upon arrival to the resort. But the highlight of the gift boxes? Custom cookies in the shape of medical transport helicopters, done in the exact same color scheme as the Phi Air Medical fleet. (Sugar Studio)


Cognex is a quirky, eccentric and fun-loving company. Let’s put it this way. Employees refer to themselves and one another as Cognoids. They reached out to us following their acquisition of six different companies in just ONE year. They were holding an event for all of those people instrumental in making the transitions successful and wanted the gifts to represent the various locations of the companies being acquired, both in the US and in Europe. Examples include Swiss chocolate, Colorado caramels, and German gingerbread. And for the best part? Because they develop software involving barcode readers, we couldn’t help but ask Sugar Studio for some “thank you” barcode cookies.

So, have we convinced you that corporate gifts don’t have to be boring? Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear which one is your favorite and why? For more information on our Custom Gift Design Service for corporate events, please visit here or reach out via

Top 10 Custom Wedding Welcome Gift Designs of 2017

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

My team teases me because they claim that I declare each and every gift design my “absolute favorite”. Okay, so maybe I’m guilty of this but let’s face it, there’s something special about getting THAT excited about each project that goes out our studio door. Which is why it was nearly impossible to select just ten gift designs for this year’s “Top 10” list. We took into consideration, not only our own favorites, but also evaluated our blog posts and social media accounts to see what you all were loving as well!

Southern Hat Boxes

Planned and designed by Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations, S & A’s vision for the wedding welcome gifts involved treating their Sea Island, Georgia guests to gifts unlike anything they’d ever seen before. The plan was to present the guests with their gifts upon arriving at the welcome dinner that kicked off the wedding weekend and from what we hear, the guests were blown away. We created a southern aesthetic using french blue on large round hat boxes along with plenty of monogramming by MMInk Studio throughout the gift for a cohesive look. Contents included tote bags featuring an artistic map of Sea Island, cashews, custom monogrammed cookies by Sugar Studio, monogrammed packages of biscotti by Buttercream Bakeshop, monogrammed packages of kettle corn popcorn, Savannah Bee honey, honey dippers, and two large bottles of water! As you can tell, the keyword here was “monogram” and we loved every bit of bringing this vision to life.

Newport Rhode Island Baskets

When NBA star Harrison Barnes and his then-fianceé Brittany were planning their Newport, Rhode Island wedding with the design and planning expertise of Couture Parties, they knew they wanted very special wedding welcome gifts to wow their guests. We selected several seaside-inspired items such as salt water taffy, local kettle corn popcorn, and last but not least, adorable sailboat cookies by Sugar Studio. However, what really set these gifts apart was the custom illustration work we commissioned Alli K Design to do for the welcome letters designed by Just Write Studios. Not only did the welcome booklets feature the normal itinerary and transportation information, but also a series of illustrations portraying “where they met”, “where she said yes” and “where they’ll say I Do”. We used beautifully-textured baskets with luxe burgundy ribbon to perfectly mirror the organic feel of the event. We finished them off with gift tags featuring an illustration of wedding venue, Rose Cliff Mansion.

Farm-Inspired Welcome Boxes

These wedding welcome gifts are proof that relatively simple gifts can be dressed up with thoughtful, intentional details and brought to a whole new level. We used kraft tuck-top boxes for the packaging, an economical choice, but then incorporated artwork done by the mother-of-the-bride into the gift tags plus flowy ivory ribbon to take things up a notch. The contents inside these farm-inspired gift boxes were Maryland-inspired (think Bergers cookies and crab chips!) and enjoyed by all out of town guests at this late-fall Carte Blanche Events celebration. Fresh sprigs of rosemary added the perfect seasonal touch!

DC Chic Welcome Boxes

Classic, neutral, modern, chic. All of these words describe the look we recreated in these  monogrammed wedding welcome gift boxes for a lovely Soco Events couple. Perhaps you remember us telling you about them here earlier this year? We used deluxe white gift boxes, custom welcome letters with itinerary information and a DC city map, along with DC-inspired treats. Oh, and we can’t forget the Garrett’s popcorn, a nod to the groom’s Chicago roots!

Modern Masculine Welcome Boxes

These next gift boxes were created for two ultra-fun grooms with tons of style. They let us have full creative freedom with these modern masculine gifts so we first started with Washington, DC sourced snacks to welcome the guests to their Meridien House wedding. (Think Teds Bulletin pop tarts and D.C. monument chocolates!) Then we also tied in snacks local to each of the grooms’ home states, Iowa and Mississippi. But here’s where it becomes fun. Because they’re both mega Beyoncé fans (we’re talking FRONT ROW at several shows!!) we of course couldn’t resist including Bey in the form of a cookie by Sugar Studio. The cookies definitely got all of the guests talking immediately upon arriving to this flawlessly designed event by A. Dominick Events and from what we hear from the guys, guests are STILL talking about these welcome boxes months later. Grey and white accordion-style welcome booklets were designed by Cheree Berry Paper along with the couple’s monogram. With the monogram being a circle, we turned into gold foil medallions and affixed them to white gift tags for a three dimensional effect.

Organic Ohio Welcome Boxes

These blue, white and peachy blush gifts were another example of using basic white flip top boxes and filling them to the absolute brim with goodies for the guests. Cashews, dried apricots, pretzel crisps, locally-baked confetti cookies and even a custom amenity kit. But can we talk about the gift tags and welcome letters? The couple’s watercolor monogram by Lemontree Calligraphy was carried all the way through to the welcome gifts and definitely set the stage for this beautifully-designed Ohio wedding, planned by MMJ Events.

Pippin Hill Gable Boxes

These dusty blue and white gable boxes for an Easton Events Pippin Hill couple were the epitome of tasteful, southern hospitality. We included elements of both Maryland and Virginia but also a bag of pistachio nuts from the company owned by the bride’s grandfather. He even had special custom packaging designed just for the pistachios so they treat bags would reflect the color palette of the wedding. What a guy, right?! For an additional meaningful touch, we added Bequet caramels from Jackson Hole, a favorite spot of the couple’s. We finished the gift boxes off with flowy dusty blue ribbon by Torn & Tied which tied in perfectly with the accordian-style welcome booklets designed by Jess McSweeney.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Modern Metallic Welcome Boxes

These particular curated gift boxes were a challenge in the best way! We knew we wanted a breakfast-in-bed concept but also had to keep everything in blacks, whites and metallics to mirror the modern design created by Grit & Grace for the couple’s Mellon Auditorium wedding. For personal touches, we included tupelo honey as a nod to the bride’s Tupelo Mississippi roots. With the groom’s family hailing from Ireland, Irish breakfast tea was a must! Black and white modern welcome letters and matching gift tags were created by DC-based Paperzest and were the perfect finishing touch.

DC Map Welcome Bags

While it’s obvious our year involved mostly gift boxes and gift baskets, we can’t forget this particular Fairmont Hotel Grit & Grace wedding where we used tote bags with a custom printed illustration of Washington, DC by Dandelion Patch! Packed to the gills with all of the couple’s favorite snacks, these wedding guests were definitely not going hungry! Fun snacks like Swedish Fish, M&Ms, Pirate’s Booty, local trail mix and Route 11 chips were included along with custom welcome letters and tags, also by Dandelion Patch. While all of these snacks were fun, let’s face it, the custom cookies resembling the couple’s Old English Sheepdog (named Larry!!) absolutely stole the show. (Cookies by Sugar Studio again)

Neutral Welcome Boxes

We are rounding out our lineup with these simple, neutral, and classically beautiful DC-inspired wedding welcome gifts for a sweet Engaging Affairs couple. The goal for these gifts was to incorporate elements of DC, Maryland AND Virginia into the gifts and we did so with Virginia peanuts, Kinderhook Snacks from Baltimore and DC monument chocolates from Chouquette. The other goal was to keep the gifts neutral and without a lot bright colors to act as an extension of the muted color palette of the event. We selected deluxe white gift boxes, taupe ribbon, and white gift tags with gold ink. Even the gift contents themselves were neutral in color. It’s no secret that we love working with neutrals and so this project was an absolute joy.

After revealing our top wedding welcome gift designs from 2016 and now again this year in 2017, we definitely hope to make this an annual tradition! We hope you’ve enjoyed the round-up and are dying to know…which one is your favorite? We’d love to know! (And if your favorite didn’t make the list, we’d love to know that too!) Drop us a note in the comments. We always love hearing from you! (For information on Custom Gift Design Service, email us at