Gift Ideas for the Hard-to-Buy-For Man // Holiday Gift Guide by Marigold & Grey

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Truth time. The men in our lives are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. They either already have everything or they want something completely out of reach. (Think newly-released tech toy.) And if you come right out and ask them what they want, nine times of ten you’re met with “Uhh, I don’t need anything” which brings you right back to the drawing board. Let us help!


1 Beard Pack

Your bearded fellow wants to look extra slick this holiday season. Outfit him with this Beard Pack HERE.

2 Cork Globes

Does the man in your life fancy himself a world traveler? Or maybe a traveling is still just a dream. These cork globes are a unique way to check off your travel bucket list. See them HERE.

3 Solo Stove

For nights outdoors by a cozy fire check out the sleek Solo Stove HERE.

4 Framebridge Gift Card

Favorite sports poster or autographed memorabilia. Help him save it forever with a gift card to Framebridge because let’s face it, custom framing probably isn’t at the top of his own to-do list. But if done for him, he’s a happy man! Get one HERE.

5 Masculine Gift Box

When we began designing our 2018 Holiday Collection we wanted to create something just for the sophisticated hard-to-buy-for man in your life. Boss. Spouse. Brother. Friend. Our signature “Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” gift is perfect for every guy on your list. Check it out HERE.

6 Artisan Beard Combs

And just in case that beard need some attention. These beard combs are an awesome addition to his beauty regimen. Find them HERE.

7 Yeti Cooler

Is your guy more of an outdoorsy type who loves a good day on the water or in the woods. The Yeti cooler is perfect for him, this one sized down from the original for a gentler price point and easy to bring along just about anywhere! Get one HERE.

8 Leather Laptop Sleeve

Send him out in style with this Restoration Hardware Laptop Sleeve. Modern, useful and plenty masculine. Grab one HERE

We hope this guide has been a huge help but if you’re still riding the man-gift struggle bus, perhaps the perfect gift is hiding in our Pre-Designed Gift Shop! Happy shopping from all of us here at Marigold & Grey!

Gift Ideas for Co-Workers and Clients // Holiday Gift Guide by Marigold & Grey

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Finding the perfect gift for your clients and co-workers is always a challenge. You want to make them feel appreciated but if they’re not necessarily your besties, you may wonder if they’ll ever use what you get them. I mean, you can only have so many boxes of holiday chocolates…oh hello, holiday waistline!

Fret no more! Same format as with our recent Holiday Hostess gift guide, we’ve pulled together some ideas that are more than just pretty. They’re fresh, exciting, and something your clients or co-workers will love and use!


  1. This terrarium from Shop Terrain is like a breath of fresh air… indoors. It’s like bringing the outside right to their desktop! FIND IT HERE.
  2. I don’t know about you but I can NEVER have enough journals! This custom journal would make anyone paper product obsessed! FIND IT HERE.
  3. Talk about a unique way to display candy on your desk! This unzipped glass zipper bag is an unexpected but brilliant touch! FIND IT HERE.
  4. The best part about the holidays is the warm and cozy feeling inside. Sweater Weather captures this feeling in a gift box. And perfectly unisex too! FIND IT HERE.
  5. You can never go wrong with gorgeous stationery. And Kate Spade doesn’t disappoint. These Thank You cards are to die for and are the perfect additional to any desk drawer. FIND THEM HERE.
  6. Everyone needs a little self confidence boost now and again. (Or like everyday.) This “What Would You Attempt” Paperweight is the perfect visual reminder. FIND IT HERE.
  7. Everyone will smile when they jazz up their cork board with these gold push pins. And will have them planning a safari trip in no time! FIND THEM HERE .

So, did you find the perfect gift for your co-workers or clients? We certainly hope so!

Looking for more easy to gift ideas? Head over to our Pre-Designed Shop to view this year’s Holiday Collection. The entire online shop is offered with Free Shipping + no order minimums.

10 Small Businesses Worth Knowing in Honor of Small Business Saturday

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We love to support small businesses on Small Business Saturday but because we are an artisan gifting business specializing in curated gift boxes, we intentionally support small businesses all throughout the year. Here’s a listing of just ten small businesses we’ve worked with in the past and if you don’t already know about them, have a look! They are definitely worth checking out and supporting in any way you can.

Brightly Ever After

Owner and founder Garrett Turner’s personality is as bright and lively as her giant light-up letters, stunning floral walls and creative marquee signs used for weddings, birthdays, styled photoshoots and all of life’s special occasions. True, this isn’t the type of product you buy. (You technically rent). But her business is definitely worth a mention on this list especially for anyone planning that last minute holiday party and looking for that special somethin-somethin to take celebration to the next level! Learn more HERE.

Image: Brightly Ever After

Image: Brightly Ever After

Brooklyn Candle

I can’t even begin to count the number of of Brooklyn Candle Co. candles we’ve included in our gift boxes over the last few years but it’s a LOT. They show up in our Pre-Designed Holiday Gift Box Collection again this year. The scents. The packaging. The fact that they’re eco-friendly and seem to burn forever. Not to mention, the owner Tamara Mayne is a dream to work with! Reliable, hard-working, friendly and extremely supportive of our business as well.

Image: Pur Opulence

Image: Pur Opulence

Buttercream Bakeshop

Buttercream Bakeshop has taken the Washington, DC bakery scene by storm. Their cakes. Their savory options. Not only the taste but the aesthetic. They’re as beautiful and unique as they are delicious which isn’t always the case. Take time to visit them in the Shaw neighborhood of DC this holiday season, but especially on Small Business Saturday!

Image: Buttercream Bakeshop

Image: Buttercream Bakeshop


Owner and founder Sarah Dwyer left her successful banking career to start her chocolate business several years ago and hasn’t looked back. Her ability to put custom designs on her delicious chocolates has been the perfect match for our gift boxes but her confections can also be purchased directly from her website. From Washington DC and Virginia motifs to chocolates featuring holiday imagery, the designs take the delicious chocolates to a whole new level.

Image: Chouquette

Image: Chouquette

Fig. 2 Design

It’s no surprise that we tend to design custom gifts with neutrals and softer, more muted colors around here. Which is why DC area based Fig.2 Design is such a welcome change of pace for us. Her brightly colored greeting cards, art prints and gift wrap are so much fun! We especially love her gift wrap. From holiday to wedding to versatile all-occasion wrap, you should head on over and take a look. The collections will immediately put a smile on your face!

Image: Fig 2 Design

Image: Fig 2 Design

Little Well Paper Co.

You may know owner and founder Jess McSweeney from her wildly successful custom stationery business Poppy & Scooter. Earlier this year, she made the decision to hit pause on P&S for a business idea that she felt was a calling. She now designs greeting cards for those less “mainstream” occasions in life, the sometimes more painful ones you rarely see addressed in more traditional greeting card lines. Jess fills a very important space in the industry and she does it with all of her heart and soul. Check out Jess’ brand new collection HERE!

Image: Little Well Paper Co

Image: Little Well Paper Co

Monique Melton

Monique Melton is a Maryland-based author, speaker, business coach, relationship coach and overall force to be reckoned with! Most recently, Monique has added coaching specific to motivational speaking to her offering with a program called the S.W.E.E.T. Intensive. While Monique isn’t necessarily offering a product or service specifically designed to be purchased on Small Business Saturday like product-based businesses do, she is an incredible resource for issues related to business ownership and even life in general. She’s outgoing, warm, approachable, spiritual, and immediately lights up any room she walks into! Get to know her better HERE.

Image: Terri Baskin Photography

Image: Terri Baskin Photography

MM Ink Studio

The “MM” in MM Ink Studio stands for Moya Mimms, an uber-talented designer and calligrapher. We’ve had the honor to collaborating with her on a few different projects and on each occasion, we were absolutely blown away by the top-notch quality of her work as well as her professionalism. In addition to calligraphy services, she also does fully custom wedding invitation design. You can view her portfolio HERE.

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Sugar Studio

I’ve lost count on just how many custom cookies we’ve received from Sugar Studio but rest assured, it’s a LOT. From corporate logo cookies to cookies featuring couple’s pets for their wedding welcome gifts, the sky is the absolute limit to what owner and founder Tiffany can create. Yes, we even worked together to bring Beyoncé cookies to life earlier this fall for a VERY special couple for their wedding welcome gifts. If you can dream it up, Tiffany can bring it to life…in the form of a cookie!

Image: Brett Denfield Photography

Image: Brett Denfield Photography

The Garter Girl

The Garter Girl creates heirloom-quality, handmade garters for stylish brides. Brides can even work with owner and founder Julianne Smith to design fully custom garters to perfectly match their individual style and personality. Even if you aren’t a bride-to-be or looking to buy a gift for a bride-to-be this Small Business Saturday, The Garter Girl’s collection is impressive and definitely worth taking a look. It will immediately change your impression of garters. They are definitely not meant for the garter toss. Nope! These are meant to be treasured for ages and even passed down from generation to generation.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

We hope you’ve enjoyed our line-up and that you’re inspired to go out and support as many small business owners as you possibly can, not just this weekend but all throughout the year. Are there any small businesses you think WE should know about? Please share by reaching out via our contact page or emailing us at



Things I’m Thankful For as a Creative Entrepreneur in 2017

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Is it just me or do things suddenly seem to go into fast forward mode this time of year? With holiday rush here at Marigold & Grey coupled with other commitments such as Friendsgiving gatherings, Thanksgiving travel, Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, Christmas decorating, holiday parties, and closing out the business books, it can be really easy to lose sight of all we have to be thankful for. I know I’m guilty of this and don’t like it about myself.


Today, I’m intentionally taking time to reflect back upon 2017 and share all the many things I truly am thankful for!

My Guy

Marigold & Grey has doubled in size each year for the last two years and this doesn’t happen without a lot of time and energy invested. This can often lead to insanely long hours and when I do finally come home, I’m either exhausted or still keyed up talking about work, or both! I’ve talked about him before both here on the blog and in our Instagram feed but my husband Jeff is worthy of being mentioned again and again. When I told him I suddenly quit my corporate career on a conference call back in 2014 and instead of getting another “real job” that I wanted to make gift bags, he was supportive then and he is still supportive today. From the occasional pep talk to having the patience of a saint with my unforgiving work schedule, he is truly my rock.

Spine Surgery

You may have read my post back in the summer upon returning to work after an entire month off for much-needed spine surgery. I’d suffered with chronic and severe neck pain for at least ten years and had tried everything to resolve it without having surgery. I’ll spare you the details but it got to the point where my quality of life was drastically impacted and surgery became my only option. I’m incredibly thankful for a successful outcome. I’m still in the recovery period but already doing SO much better than I was before. I have more stamina at work, am more social after work and on weekends, and just overall significantly more active. I’m incredibly thankful to have my life getting back on track!

My Team

We are a small but mighty gifting team. We may pump out thousands of gifts throughout the year yet there are only three of us for the time being. We work in close quarters and truly depend on one another to meet our goals. Hands down…the business would not be where it is today without my team. The hard work, the loyalty, the smarts, the commitment. I’m thankful for it all and no matter how large the business gets or the direction it goes in, I have made a commitment to myself to value my team members and express gratitude to them no matter what, both publicly and in-person.

Achieving Profitability

It often takes time for businesses to become profitable and my business is no exception. The first year, we definitely lost money. The second year we improved significantly and broke even. And this year, I’m over-the-moon thrilled to announce that we are profitable. Between doubling revenue, getting smarter about expenses and becoming more efficient, the end result is something I’m very proud of and incredibly thankful for.


Opportunities for Public Speaking

At first glance, many people wouldn’t necessarily put public speaking as something they’re thankful for. But for me, it definitely belongs on this list. Multiple opportunities to speak this year have forced me out of my comfort zone to get up on stage and share my knowledge and experience with others. Funny thing is…I’m always freakishly nervous beforehand but once I get up in front of the audience, a calm comes over me and I’m immediately relaxed. I’m appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been given and absolutely cannot wait for more in 2018!

Trusted Vendors

Hands down, we would NOT be where we are today without trusted vendor partners who deliver exactly what they say they will day in and day out. We never have to waste time worrying if they’ll actually come through for us or not. They just flat-out do. Of course, we’ve had some who have gone completely MIA and left us hanging but often times, those are situations that allow other potential vendors to step up to the plate and perform when ordinarily they may not have been given the opportunity.

M&G Clients!!!!

Last but certainly not least, I cannot express just how thankful I am for each and every customer who chose to gift with us this year. Whether it be for wedding welcome gifts, corporate event gifts or gifts for a particular special occasion, each and every project meant the world to me. Without customers, I do not have a business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a bit of a more personal post than usual. It really is worth the time to slow down, take a breath, and reflect back upon so many blessings I’ve experienced this year. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!


Gift Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Hostess // Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Oh my goodness, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We’re curious…are you the one hosting this year? If not, then chances are you’re headed for the home of family or friends. (Or both…hello Friendsgiving!) Considering all the hours they’ll spend planning the menu, prepping a fabulous meal and opening up their hearts and homes, don’t forget to show up with a thoughtful gift for the hostess.

But hey, we know you’re busy. And that’s exactly why we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting a hostess gift with this year’s Thanksgiving Hostess Gifting Guide!


1. This Williams-Sonoma pumpkin dish is the perfect addition to any display! Find it here.

2. Every home needs a fabulous fall wreath. This Woodland Wreath from Farm Girl Flowers is a great choice. Find it here.

3. You cannot go wrong with this sweet leaf jewelry dish from Terrain. It’ll be a fall favorite year after year. Find it here.

4. Our signature “Honey Love” curated gift box is a Marigold & Grey favorite around here. Show your hostess a little honey love this Thanksgiving. Find it here.

5. Thinking pretty is always a good idea. Like these pretty Copper Plated Salad Servers from Nordstrom. Find them here.

6. Compliment your hostesses holiday table for years to come with these Pier 1 Autumn Lily Napkins. Find them here.

Now that you have your hostess gift all figured out, it’s time to head to the party and do nothing but relax and unwind. Oh, and eat.

2017 Holiday Curated Gift Box Collection by Marigold & Grey

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

It’s here! Our 2017 Pre-Designed Gift Box Collection is LIVE in our online shop and we are officially accepting Pre-Orders now! Other than one very popular gift design from last year that we’ve resurrected, the entire collection is completely brand new! We’re featuring one feminine gift, one masculine gift and four completely gender neutral options to make it easy to shop for everyone on your list, especially for corporate clients and colleagues.


The Details:

  • The entire Holiday Collection is offered with FREE SHIPPING (in the U.S. only) and NO ORDER MINIMUMS
  • Each gift in the Holiday Collection will automatically come with a gold foil “Happy Holidays” notecard for a handwritten message of your choice (specify your message in the notes at checkout)
  • Gifts in the Holiday Collection are only available while supplies last. Once a gift is sold out, it will be marked as “sold out” in the shop.
  • All orders are considered Pre-Orders and will ship out between Dec 11th and Dec 18th for delivery in time for Christmas. Orders placed beyond December 11th are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. For specific questions about ETAs, please email us at

curated-holiday-gift-boxes-baskets-corporate-marigold-grey8 copy

Okay, enough of all the logistical stuff. Let’s meet the Collection, shall we?

Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Our version of the man gift, our signature Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen takes celebration and relaxation to a whole new level with this gift box designed especially for those hard-to-buy-for men in your life. Masculine chocolate and candy, a set of slate coasters, tonic syrup for the perfect cocktail and an oh-so-luxurious facial cleansing bar.



Happy Spa-lidays

It’s no secret that the holidays are stressful. Our signature Happy Spa-lidays gift box contains all the most luxurious items to help her relax this season. Bath bombs, an artisan small batch candle (with matches!), rose sangria body scrub and gourmet nuts for a delicious, yet healthy snack. You know, just like at the spa!



Navy & Bright

Who says navy isn’t a holiday color? We sure think it is! Our signature Navy & Bright holiday gift box is the perfect gift for that special someone (male or female!) who loves to sit down and relax with a mug of gourmet hot chocolate. Along with the mug and cocoa, we also include a deliciously scented artisan candle in Sweet Fig along with matches, and small batch almond biscotti. By the way, the tin is so beautiful, I highly doubt your gift recipient will be throwing it away even after the hot chocolate is gone. This one will be sticking around!



Sweater Weather

Our signature Sweater Weather gift box might be smaller in size but is full of ambiance. An amber woods candle (with coordinating matches) in a metal tin paired with a black checkered Mast Brothers chocolate bar definitely screams curled up by the roaring fire while the snow is falling outside. It also contains a large bath bomb for a relaxing soak in the tub.



Tis the Season

Our signature Tis the Season gift box definitely says ‘happy holidays’ in a traditional yet modern way. The deep reds and golds with pops of green pine are all that you’d expect to see this time of year. Featuring gourmet chocolate, dutch almond spiced small batch cookies, and an artisan candle and matches! The Tis the Season may be smaller in size than others in the Collection but definitely makes a bold statement!



Comfort & Joy

Last but not least, you might recall our signature Comfort & Joy gift basket from last year’s collection. Well, you guys loved it so much that we’ve decided to bring it back. Same exact contents, just a ribbon upgrade to make an even bigger statement. The Comfort & Joy is completely gender neutral and balanced nicely between edibles and household items. Definitely an all-time favorite!



We hope you like what you see! If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out via our contact page or email

All images by Laura Metzler Photography