Custom Corporate Holiday Curated Gift Boxes for MOJO PSG

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

I can’t believe we are just now getting around to sharing these custom holiday curated gift boxes from last year. But once the holiday rush is over, the last thing people want to read about is more holiday gifts. So, now is the perfect time to bring these out of the vault and share with you! They were by far one of our favorite custom gift design projects of the 2016 holiday season and they are still just as modern and fresh as ever.

Our client MOJO PSG wanted unisex, modern, fresh, fun gifts to mirror the look and feel of their brand. We selected pine wood boxes, bright red ribbon (their primary branding color) and gift tags with clean, modern font by Just Write Studios.

Contents included a unisex holiday candle by Brooklyn Candle Co, small batch cookies, a leather rollup in black and a gold foil box of artisan truffles. For the cookies, we absolutely could not decide on just one flavor so we opted for a trio of chocolate peppermint, traditional sugar, and funfetti! This may have been almost a year ago but I can STILL remember having a difficult time not eating the inventory!

We had a blast adding additional touches of “holiday” with a pine cone and a sprig of fresh pine. It really did make the boxes smell amazing upon opening them up! For an additional finishing touch, we created custom logo notecards with the MOJO logo to brand the gift in a tasteful, thoughtful way.

The demand for unisex corporate gifts is huge and we were really pleased with how these turned out for our dear clients at MOJO! The huge quantities of bright red ribbon in the studio had us all in the holiday spirit! I’m normally a fan of the more subdued holiday colors but I’ll admit, I was having a major fan girl moment with the bright colors!

For more information on Custom Gift Design Service, please inquire HERE. Keep in mind, we will also be launching our 2017 Pre-Designed Holiday Gift Collection in our online shop in November so please be on the lookout for the big release! Whether it be custom gifts or pre-designed gifts, we absolutely love offering thoughtful, beautiful curated gift boxes for the holidays and helping you easily and efficiently cross everything off your shopping list!

2017 Pre-Designed Holiday Gift Box Collection Coming Soon!

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We’ve been getting a ton of questions from past clients and even those who have never purchased from us before. You all want to know if we’re releasing a Pre-Designed Gift Collection again this year and the answer is “YES”! It will be available in our online shop by mid-November!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Time to let you in on a little secret. You may recall our signature ‘Comfort & Joy’ gift design from last year. Well, it was such fan favorite that we’ve decided to bring it back again this year. But don’t worry! The rest of the collection will be completely fresh and new and rumor has it it will even feature some unconventional holiday colors!

Image: Laura Metzler Photography

Image: Laura Metzler Photography

Now for the juicy details. The entire collection will be offered with free shipping and will include a handwritten notecard with a message of your choice. For more information, please reach out via our contact page or email us at We always love hearing from you!

Gender Neutral Spa Themed Curated Gift Boxes for DC Corporate Event

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you regularly read our blog, or even just sometimes, you’ve probably heard me say that corporate gifts do not need to be boring or, as we like to say around here…”corporate-y”. Corporate swag should be well-curated, on-brand, and feel just as luxurious as other types of gifts such as wedding welcome gifts, mom-to-be gifts or even hostess gifts.

Today I’m sharing another example of non-boring corporate gifts, these for Utah First Credit Union for a recent event in Washington DC. The attendees would be spending a whole day walking Capitol Hill and therefore the goal for the gifts was to offer rest and relaxation following a long day on their feet!

Because the crowd was both male and female, it was important to create gender neutral gifts. We began with mini kraft boxes and filled them with Formulary 55 body polish, Sugarfina Pale Ale Pints, and a travel-sized candle with gold foil matchboxes! The black, white, and gold in these four items were absolutely perfect in appealing to both ladies and gents.

We also created custom paper to add Utah First’s branding to the welcome gift boxes. Mini notecards designed by Just Write Studios featured a welcome message from the company’s leadership along with their logo. In addition to the custom welcome notes, we also designed matching “relax & recover” gift tags with the logo as well.

Lastly, we finished the gifts off with soft grey satin ribbon to round out the client’s branding. The gifts were then hand-delivered to the Marriott Metro Center by our team. The best part is that these gifts were not the only ones that were gifted to the attendees. They also got traditional welcome gift boxes upon arrival on the very first day. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing those soon as well!

As much as we love creating various types of custom gifts such as bridal party gifts, mitzvah welcome gifts, client gifts and groomsmen gifts, we also love corporate gifts. It’s our mission to make them less boring and more meaningful! To inquire about custom gift design, visit here or reach out via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

DC Themed Corporate Gift Boxes for Pike Productions

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We absolutely loved creating custom corporate gift boxes for Pike Productions but even more amazing was the opportunity to make them DC-themed and supporting local small businesses in the process.

We selected natural pine boxes as the vessel to hold the gift contents and beyond that chose Compass Coffee tins, a set of cedar coasters with map etchings of various DC neighborhoods, and artisan chocolates featuring the DC monuments.

The cedar coaster set came in it’s own drawstring pouch, further highlighting how special the “gift within the gift” really was!

We finished the client gift boxes off with black ribbon, fresh greenery and a custom gift tag featuring the brand new Pike Productions’ logo.

We love the versatility of this custom gift design and are highly considering making it available in our online shop where clients can order with no order minimums and shipping is included. What do you guys think?

Marigold & Grey Launches Same-Sex Wedding & Engagement Gift Boxes

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Perhaps you’re aware of our Happily Ever After curated gift box? This gift design, perfect for engagement gifts and client gifts, has been one of our best sellers from the very beginning and while we’ve happily swapped out the gender-specific mugs and soaps to accommodate same sex couples, we are proud to officially offer the ‘Mr & Mr’ and ‘Mrs & Mrs’ versions in our online shop. We want all of our couples (and our customers who gift to them) to feel welcome. By officially adding these same-sex gifts to the shop as opposed to offering them a “special request” as we have previously, we finally feel that our online shop reflects a high-end gifting experience for ALL.

The Mr & Mrs

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

The Mrs & Mrs

And now for the new designs! As with before, the gift boxes contain gourmet shortbread cookies, an artisan candle by Brooklyn Candle Co, and signature tea towel with “Happily Ever After”. But now, the “Mrs & Mrs” will reflect a pair of Mrs. mugs along with a pair of “Hello Gorgeous” soaps!

The Mr & Mr

And for the ‘Mr & Mr’ gift design, you’ll now see a pair of Mr. mugs along with a pair of “Hello Handsome” soaps!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

The contents are carefully packaged in a beautiful pine wood gift box with cover and finished off with ivory ribbon and “congrats” calligraphy gift tag! Dried eucalyptus as accent too! We will include a hand-written note on your behalf and drop ship directly to the recipients.

We’ve always welcomed ALL couples but are happy to take steps to make it even more apparent by adding these to our online collection. We welcome your feedback. Please drop us a note in the comments or reach out via our contact page. To check out the collection, go HERE!