Beach-Inspired Welcome Baskets for Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

When a D.C. area wedding designer Jessica Marie of Social Supply Events reached out needing help creating tropical, beach-inspired wedding welcome gifts for her own upcoming destination wedding, we could hardly wait to begin the design process. While we generally don’t create custom gifts for events outside the U.S., we made an exception and were thrilled to hear that these custom welcome baskets successfully made it all the way to the Dominican Republic in the bride’s luggage!

The goal of the gifts was to create a little excitement upon the guest’s arrival and provide some comfort during their stay. We opted for seagrass baskets with neutral elements to compliment the elevated beach vibe of the wedding, planned by Virginia-based Strawberry Milk Events. For snacks, we selected coconut chips, plantain chips, and dried apricots tied with twine and a wax seal.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

In addition to sweet and savory snacks, the gift boxes also included useful items such as Voss water and custom hangover kits with Advil, Pepto, and the cutest little bottles of sunscreen. We packaged them in our signature drawstring pouches with a soft grey first aid symbol for added customization.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

For a really special addition, we added striped turkish towels and fun sunglasses for guests to use during the weekend. Due to lack of room inside the baskets, we opted to present them on the outside of the baskets, tucked underneath the ribbon, and were pretty thrilled with how they turned out!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

We included welcome notes featuring modern calligraphy and packaged in vellum paper. The notes outlined all of the details of the weekends’ events! We finished off the gifts with a sprig of eucalyptus, tied off with tan raw-edge ribbon and personalized gift tags. Instead of generic tags with “Welcome to the Dominican Republic”, we had each guest’s name printed on their very own gift tag which took the level of thoughtfulness to a whole new level.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

These are totally in the running for one of our absolute favorite custom gift designs of 2018 and its only early April! We hope the guests enjoyed them as much as we loved creating them. For more information on our Custom Gift Design Service, reach out via our contact page or visit here. We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your gifting goals.



Custom Corporate Gift Boxes For DC-Based Company Fiscal Note

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

When Fiscal Note reached out because they wanted us to create gifts for their clients to reflect their DC roots, we knew we had to be a part of it. We love creating gifts that tell the story of a business, especially if it has to do with our city, while also spoiling the recipient with tastefully branded treats.

The goal was to select locally-made items so the gifts would have an authentic DC feel. Due to the large number of items involved, we selected white fold-over boxes as the gift packaging. We then commissioned custom logo cookies from Sugar Studio.

We then included a set of artisan chocolates with various DC monuments imprinted on each along with a bag of dried cinnamon apples and a bag of trail mix from District Juicery. Lastly, we added a bar of DC-themed chocolate.

To finish off the gifts, we added a custom thank you note designed by Just Write Studios. We tied the box together with a purple satin ribbon and custom logo gift tag.

We love telling the story of a company through gifts! For more information on our design process for corporate events and corporate client gifting, please reach out via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

Why We’re Hiring a Full Time Operations Manager at Gifting Business Marigold & Grey

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

As you may have seen on Instagram, we are seeking a full-time Operations Manager to join our small-but-mighty gifting team. But behind every pretty social media post there lies a story and we want to tell you the full scoop of exactly why we are hiring. The reason is both happy and sad. We’ll start with the happy. Our current Director of Operations Kelly Rumpke is pregnant with her first baby. And it’s a girl btw!!! Go team pink.


She’s made the decision to take some time away from Marigold & Grey and while we are sad at the thought of not having her around every day, we are incredibly happy for her and her husband and this new chapter they’re embarking on in life. But as happy as we are for them, selfishly, I’m a little misty eyed over here. Kelly was with me back in the “basement days” where we somehow ran these operations out of two small rooms in the basement. That is, until it started getting more and more insane with pallets being dumped in the yard and inventory being stored on all levels of the house and it finally became clear that we needed to invest in a studio space. Kelly was instrumental in coordinating the move and it went off without a hitch.


Since being in the studio, our revenue has more than quadrupled and even though Kelly doesn’t do sales or design the gifts that we sell, I can still say that I attribute this growth in large part to her. We can offer the most beautiful gifts but if they don’t get where they need to go in perfect condition AND on-time, it doesn’t matter how much we sell. When you have an employee who has been such an integral part of the history of the business, it’s hard to see them go. Not to mention, how are we ever going to decorate for the holidays? I mean, she made us start listening to holiday music practically in October. I hated it then but I sure am going to miss it. Like I said above, both happy and sad.


Okay, enough of this sappy stuff. I want to outline the details of this position in case you or anyone you know might be a good fit. Kelly certainly laid a solid foundation for our operations here at Marigold & Grey and our next hire will absolutely have the same opportunity to come in and make a huge impact as well! We’re looking forward to Kelly showing the new person the ropes since thankfully she’s not leaving us just yet.


You can find all details of the position and how to apply here. If you think you’re a good fit for us and us for you, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Planner Profile // Geomyra Lewis of Geomyra Lewis Events

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

You know when you follow someone on social media for ages and then you finally meet them in-person and they’re exactly like you’d hope they’d be? Well this is precisely the feeling I had when I met Geomyra of Geomyra Lewis Events. Not long after I came off stage after speaking at the Signature CEO Conference last year, she came up and introduced herself and I’m so glad she did! She’s creative, business savvy and as warm and energetic as ever. Which is why I was over-the-moon thrilled when she agreed to let us feature her in our Planner Profile series for March.

Okay, I can’t wait any longer for you to meet her! Here we go…

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up as a wedding planner?

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. While studying business management in college, I decided to take a wedding and event planning course my junior year. Ever since then, a piece of my heart has been tied to the wedding industry! Less than three months after graduation, I opened the doors to my wedding and event planning company. Twelve years later and I haven’t looked back!

What sets you apart from other planners in the industry?

Our industry is filled with an incredible pool of talented planners and designers. My clients and vendor partners are drawn to my calm demeanor, positive outlook, and the depth of my experience that I bring to the table.  Although I love designing all the pretty, glitz and glam, planning the logistical details are my fav.

Please describe your ideal client.

My ideal client is more focused on building a solid and meaningful marriage over anything else. My clients tend to be people just like me who are busy professionals, loves to travel, enjoys spending time with their family and friends, and looks forward to a wedding day they can enjoy without worrying about all the details.

Please describe your signature style.

My signature style is timeless, elegant, sophisticated and polished without feeling stuffy or overwhelming,

What trends are you seeing this year?

Trends that I am seeing this year include couples ditching the rules and marching to the beat of their own drums. From intimate over enormous, to variety of matchy-matchy, couples are stepping out of the box and doing what feels natural to them.

What’s your favorite way to enhance the guest experience?

I am all about the guest experience! I love when I get to work with my couples on designing the guest experience. I am a huge fan of spoiling your wedding guests. For those that have traveled and spent money to come and celebrate with the couple, enhance their welcome with a  custom, jaw-dropping welcome box. End the night with a fun, but meaningful favor or surprise!

What’s the best advice you have for brides and grooms to be?

Hire a planner! 😊 Seriously, a planner will allow you to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have never planned a wedding, you have no clue what’s in store and the adventures ahead. Thus, having the best vendor team is crucial if you want to enjoy your celebration with your family and friends without worrying about the numerous details.

Best part of being a planner?

I am very blessed to do the work I love and share in someone’s most important day to date.  To know that I play a role in a couple starting a new journey together is truly an honor I do not take lightly. No two couples are the same; Thus no two weddings are the same. My job is filled with a new twist and turn each day!

Most challenging part of being a planner?

When you are the captain of the ship, you should be two steps ahead of everyone. Planners are leaders, problem solvers, therapists all wrapped into one. I always say that as the planner, you have to be “on” so you can provide the best service and experience for your clients, but your vendor partners as well.

Biggest wedding disaster and how you overcame it?

I’ve been very fortunate that we haven’t had any major wedding disasters. In our earlier days, we’ve dealt with a bridezilla or two. By knowing our ideal client, we’ve been blessed to work with great couples and execute their vision seamlessly. Any planner will tell you that no wedding goes off without a hitch. However, it is our job to be the calm in the midst of the storm and bounce back as quickly as possible.

Favorite wedding tradition?

I love wedding traditions! Anytime that my clients have the opportunity to honor their family traditions is always super fun. I love a good hora dance, watching couple’s jump the broom and the serenades that the Greek fraternities and sororities participate in.

Fave celebrity wedding?

I must say that Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s 2014 wedding stands out to me. Their celebration seemed authentic, fun and filled with love and support from their family and friends.

Fave color palette?

A classic ivory, black and mixed metallic wedding is right up my alley! You can never go wrong with neutral hues.

Fave spot for a destination wedding?

I’m a sucker for a destination wedding. Over the past twelve years, we have planned weddings on the West coast, Charlottesville, Dominican Republic and a handful of other fun destinations. We are thrilled to return to Mexico this summer to gorgeous Punta, Mita.

Fave ‘something blue’?

A piece of fabric from the bride’s grandmother’s garment woven into the bride’s gown is beyond special.  Anything that has a sentimental meaning is always a good idea.

Fave floral?

Hydrangeas are my jam! I love the fullness of the bloom and it can be paired with other flowers to make a bold or soft statement as needed.

Fave Insta feed these days?

@Binspiredthemag pulls together some of the best wedding inspiration.

@cake_ink has the most beautiful wedding cakes and designs.

@meganhess_official is so talented, and I appreciate the diversity she pulls into her work.  @beckiowens is one of my favorite interior designers. So much inspiration from all of these guys!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Geomyra as much as we have! If you haven’t already, follow her on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest. To get caught up on past Planner Profile posts, visit here! Thank you Geomyra. We absolutely loved learning more about you and we have a feeling that everyone else has too!

Gifting Business Marigold & Grey Welcomes Spring Intern Keri Callaghan // Intern Intro

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Each semester, we welcome a new intern into our world of curated gift boxes including wedding welcome gifts, bridesmaid gifts, corporate gifts, workshop gifts and basically gifts for all occasions. I’m super excited to introduce you to University of Maryland student, Keri Callaghan!


Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi! My name is Keri Callaghan and I am currently starting my sophomore year at the University of Maryland. I am a communications major with a focus in social influence with a minor in sustainability. In the summer, I live in New Jersey about 20 minutes away from New York City. In my free time, I love to lounge around with my friends, watch Netflix, or find new food places to try (I love a good meal). I’m super excited to see where this journey at Marigold & Grey takes me!

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to learn directly how to run a small business. Due to my interest in marketing and communications especially, I feel as if this internship will allow me to work hands-on with both of these tracks! The intimacy of this setting will allow me to asks questions and genuinely learn all the behind-the-scenes details that go into such a successful small business!

Where else have you been an intern?

This is my first internship, but in the summer I work as a waitress at a pub and during the school year I work at the front desk at Chevy Chase Country Club.


What about M&G made you want to apply for the internship?

The website had a unique and emerging layout that was appealing to the eye as soon as I logged on. I’ve always been interested in creative marketing so being involved in unique projects such as the ones Marigold & Grey allows theirs interns to be a part of appealed to me. 

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? And received?

The best gift I’ve ever given was for my best friend’s 18th birthday. I made a basket filled with 18 little gifts with a note in regards to the significance of each gift. The best gift I received was a heated blanket because I love to be warm and cozy under a blanket.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I want to be working in NYC at a big marketing or communications firm working directly in creative marketing or food marketing. I’d love to live in an apartment with my best friends in either Hoboken or the city!

Please join us in welcoming Keri to the team. You’ll likely be seeing her periodically on the blog and on social media to be sure to say hi! You can also check out her official bio here!

How To Avoid Logistical Mistakes With Your Wedding Welcome Gifts // Part 3 of 3

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Our 2018 Wedding Welcome Gift Blog Series has flown by! (Catch yourself up here on what to include in your gift bags and here on how to create a welcome letter for your gift boxes). Today is our third and final installment and we’re sharing our best tips on making sure your wedding welcome gifts go off without a hitch. Logistics are often the most overlooked part of creating wedding welcome gifts but are absolutely the part that can make or break your wedding gifting experience. Sure, the gifts still need to be well curated, unique and beautiful no matter what. But these things don’t matter if the gifts don’t arrive when and where they’re supposed to. Without further adieu, let’s talk execution!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

Order in Advance

This might seem like a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how many brides I hear from in a panic because they hoped to create welcome gifts on their own but were shocked to see how long lead times were on some items! Be sure to prepare early and add some buffer time to your ordering to avoid missing items days before your wedding. Also factor in additional time if the gift contents you order are breakable. It’s not uncommon for a few to show up damaged and then the ordering process to replace those starts all over again.

Plan for Perishables 

On the other end of the spectrum, perishable items should be picked up as close to the wedding date as possible. No one likes a stale cookie or muffin. If you are making the gifts yourself, be sure to assign a bridesmaid or family member to help out with the pick-up and gift building so you minimize the number of days between when the perishables arrive and when the gifts are assembled and actually delivered.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Review Rooming Lists

Double (and triple) check the rooming lists for your hotel blocks to ensure everyone who deserves a gift actually receives a gift! It’s pretty standard to provide one box per couple but if two friends without “plus ones” are sharing a hotel room, we assign two gifts to that room!

Let the Hotel Know you are Coming

There’s nothing worse for a hotel concierge team than having 100+ welcome gifts show up out of nowhere when they’re in the middle of assisting other guests. Avoid overwhelming the hotel staff by letting them know when you’re planning to drop off welcome gifts and the size and quantity of the gifts. When you arrive, it’s time to review the info again. Go over the rooming lists and any special requests with them (ie rooms with food allergies) so they are clear on the instructions. The hotels will really appreciate the heads up and most importantly, it will help them avoid mistakes.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

To inquire about Custom Gift Design Service, fill out our short inquiry form here or reach out via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!