Marigold & Grey Announces BHLDN Curated Gift Box Winner

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Perhaps you saw our recent post about getting invited to display at the BHLDN wedding fair at the Anthropologie store in DC. Even though it’s been years since I was a bride-to-be, I STILL find myself swooning over all of the items in the BHLDN gift shop. So prior to the event, we collaborated with their team to design a bride-to-be curated gift box to giveaway to one lucky bride who stopped by our booth.

Before I announce the winner though, I need to tell you about some of the BHLDN gift items we chose for this gift box because they…are…amazing. In fact, one bride who visited our booth said she didn’t want to enter our giveaway because even though she’d only been engaged for a few weeks, she had already purchased ALL of the very same items for herself. So funny!

The lucky winner will receive His & Her vow books, an “I Said Yes” phone case, a hardback linen-covered wedding planning journal, a “Mrs” coffee carafe, a Bling Brush to keep the engagement ring like-new, and a lavender sachet perfect for the lingerie drawer. For the gift packaging, we chose a sleek white gift box and finished it off with a gold foil calligraphy gift tag, blush ribbon and greenery.

And now, drumroll please….Sarah Amick, you are the winner!!! Please email us at to coordinate the details. A huge ‘thank  you’ to BHLDN for the invite to participate as well as all the couples who took time to stop by our booth and chat wedding welcome gifts, bridal party gifts, groomsmen gifts and restroom baskets with us. We absolutely loved meeting you!

Top 6 Wedding Welcome Gift Etiquette Questions Answered

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

As a gift designer who creates custom wedding welcome gifts for wedding planners and engaged couples, we get a ton of questions about the etiquette for out-of-town hotel gift bags. Today, I’m sharing these FAQs along with our answers.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography: Paper: Bella Jenna

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography: Paper: Bella Jenna

Q: Who gets a wedding welcome gift?

A: Typically, wedding welcome gifts are reserved for guests coming in from out of town. It’s usually one gift per couple or per hotel room. If a room is being shared by two single people without “plus ones”, then each of those guests would receive their own gift.

Q: What info do we include in the welcome letter?

Perhaps you caught our how-to on welcome letters? The welcome letters you create for your wedding welcome baskets are a GREAT way to leave a sincere message thanking your guests for making the effort to attend your wedding weekend. It’s also a chance to lay out the weekend itinerary and offer suggestions for local things to see, eat and do!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography; Paper: Bella Jenna

Q: What’s the best way to distribute our wedding welcome gifts to our wedding guests?

A: This is mainly done in two different ways. The first is to leave the gifts at the front desk of each hotel and the gifts are presented to each guest upon arrival. The second option is for the hotel to distribute the gifts to the guests’ rooms. Most all hotels charge for this service and some don’t offer this service at all so it’s something to definitely ask about ahead of time if you prefer to have the gifts delivered to each room.

Q: Do the bridesmaids and groomsmen receive wedding welcome gifts too?

A: The answer to this question is tricky because it depends very much on budget and whether or not the bridesmaids and groomsmen are staying overnight in a hotel. It also depends on whether or not you’re also gifting them “thank you for being my bridesmaid” and “thank you for being my groomsmen” gifts during the wedding weekend. If these wedding party gifts are similar to the wedding welcome gifts, then you can forgo doing both. But if your budget allows to gift them both and your wedding party isn’t huge, then we say go for it!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography; Paper: Bella Jenna

Q: We have wedding guests with food allergies. How do we handle this?

A: If the number of wedding guests with the allergy is small, then we create a few gifts with the problematic item subbed out and then we notate this on the gift distribution list for the hotel staff. However, if the allergy is SEVERE and you’re really worried about it, you can choose to eliminate that item from the gifts altogether.

Q: Should we plan on providing gifts for guests who book outside of our room blocks? 

A: In theory, yes, because these guests are coming in from out of town. However, it can sometimes be tough to execute this. We recommend for our couples to reach out to all guests to inquire about their accommodations. Chances are, some are staying in the same hotels just not in the room block itself. If this is the case, it should be easy to add them to the gift list. If you have guests staying in AirBNBs or other hotels, you may consider bringing some of the gifts to the rehearsal dinner to distribute if you feel it’s appropriate. Above all though, don’t stress about this if you miss some people. Your guests don’t expect a gift if they “go rogue” and book outside the hotel blocks without letting you know.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography; Paper: Bella Jenna

What other questions do you have? Leave us your questions in the comments or reach out via our contact page! We’d love to hear from you!

How to Create a Mother’s Day Curated Gift Box

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

While it might getting too late to order something special for Mom online, it’s definitely not too late to create a curated gift box to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day! We recently collaborated with our friend Monica of Lavin Label (a favorite blog of ours!!) on a spring-time gift box making party complete with Oyster Bay wine and garden-inspired gift contents. We’re SO excited to share this with you!

We consider a natural pine wood box to be the perfect blank slate to begin curated your gift for mom. It holds plenty of items and allows the beauty of each item to really pop!

With Mother’s Day falling in spring, we loved the idea of garden-inspired items along with other spa-like contents for Mom to enjoy. The gift boxes featured a lavender lotion and soap set for the kitchen, small batch soaps for the powder room, an artisan candle in the shape of a flower, and a lavender sachet.

We love finishing touches! We added a fresh succulent to each box to make it come alive. It’s also something Mom can care for and keep over time as a constant reminder of Mother’s Day.

Lastly, we couldn’t resist a vintage-inspired pair of gardening gloves. We slipped them under the blush satin ribbon along with a calligraphy tag with the message to “enjoy”.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day including moms, moms-to-be, step moms, women anxiously awaiting their chance for motherhood, moms who have experienced loss and even women who have stepped up to fill the role of mom. Much love to you ALL this weekend!

If you have any gift boxes in the works for Mom, pretty please share them with us! We’d love to see what you come up with. Reach out via our contact page or drop us a comment in the post.

Marigold & Grey Offering Curated Gifts with Free Mother’s Day Card and Gift Tag by Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Mother’s Day is coming up so it’s time for a special offer to make this day extra meaningful for all the moms out there! Effective immediately, while supplies last, any gift ordered from our online shop between now and Sunday, May 14th will automatically include a FREE “Happy Mothers Day” rose gold foil greeting card and matching gift tag, both designed by Laura Hooper Calligraphy! Make use code “MOMLOVE” at checkout to qualify for this special offer.

Image: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Image: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

The Particulars

  • Gift card and gift tag quantities are limited so order right away! Once the cards and tags are depleted, the “MOMLOVE” code will be deactivated and we will resume filling orders with the gift tags pictured with each gift in our online shop. Don’t worry! We will still handwrite a message of your choice to accompany each gift at no additional charge.
  • Online orders placed by Tuesday, May 9th should arrive in time for Mother’s Day for most all US shipping locations.
  • This promotion is limited to one per customer.

While most all of our curated gift box designs are easily enjoyed by moms, here are a few of our favorites which are well-suited for Mother’s Day!

Spa Day


Image: Laura Metzler Photo

Deluxe Lavender


Image: Red October Photography

Hostess with the Mostess

Mothers Day Gift Ideas by Marigold & Grey

Image: Laura Metzler Photography

We hope you’re as excited about these beautiful additions to our curated gifts as we are! Let us know what you think! Leave a comment in this post or reach out via our contact page!

Custom Housewarming Themed Client Gift Boxes for Fidelity Bank Mortgage Banker

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

While I love ALL of our custom projects, this one was particularly special because the client was my mom! She dropped into the studio on my birthday back in February to treat me to lunch and immediately began looking around, studying the custom gift assemblies we had in the works. Instead of rushing right out to eat, we started dreaming up custom curated gift boxes to have drop-shipped to her clients once they move into their new home. Because my mom is a mortgage banker, taking the gifts in a housewarming direction makes total sense!

We started with a sturdy kraft box with lid to achieve a cozy, warm feel. We then selected contents including a set of lavender lotion and soap in beautiful pump bottles, versatile khaki striped tea towels, an artisan candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio, neutral match boxes and finally, a custom cookie with “home sweet home” underneath a a sweet little roof and chimney, plus a floral accent. I’m smitten with what Fresh Bakes did with these cookies!

We finished the gifts off with ivory satin ribbon and a custom gift tag featuring “welcome home” along with the Fidelity Mortgage logo along with my mom’s license number.

Instead of having the entire group of gifts shipped to my mom to handle herself, she chose to take advantage of our Client Gift Drop Shipping Program whereby we keep her gifts in inventory at our studio and then drop-ship a gift directly to her client each time she needs one shipped. This saves her the hassle of having to ship them out on her own!

We’d love to know what you think of these housewarming gifts. Let us know in the comments or reach out via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you! For more information on our Custom Gift Design Service, go HERE.