How to Create Conference Swag Attendees Will Love

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

No matter what type of industry you’re in, there is usually no shortage of educational opportunities by way of workshops, conferences, retreats, seminars, and even mastermind group getaways. And this means some sort of swag bag or welcome gift is usually involved. Today we’re sharing how to create memorable conference gifts. You know, the type of workshop gift that makes your heart skip a beat the moment you realize it’s yours and you can’t WAIT to dig in.

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

The Functional

Instead of traditional notepads and pens at each attendee’s seat, why not mix it up a bit and include these functional items inside the gift. We love branded journals that attendees can use during the conference but can also return home with it and refer back to it and even continue filling it up!


Image: Red October Photography

The Inspirational

I really love finding a way to infuse our event swag designs with an inspirational message that mirrors the feel of the event. These welcome gifts for Justin & Mary Photography’s workshops are a great example. We had one of their favorite quotes hand-lettered on the attendee notebooks and they really set the tone for everything to follow.

Image: Justin & Mary Photography

Image: Justin & Mary Photography

The Edibles

Most events provide meals and snacks so we like to find some really special sweet treats as well as water or other beverages for attendees to enjoy on breaks or even when they go back to their hotel room in the evening. It’s also a good idea to consider some healthy snacks as well as sweets so you don’t have everyone in food coma when they’re supposed to be paying attention!

Image: Red October Photography

Image: Red October Photography

We hope we’ve given you so good ideas to create workshops that really wow your attendees. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a note in the comments or reach out via our contact page.

Marigold & Grey Participating in BHLDN Wedding Fair at Anthropologie Georgetown

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Bridal shows aren’t really our thing but when BHLDN calls, you quickly realize it’s not your everyday bridal show and your answer is “yes, please!”. Which is exactly why THIS Thursday night (April 20th from 6-9 pm) we’re so proud to be displaying amongst DC’s finest wedding vendors at BHLDN’s Wedding Fair at the Anthropologie store in Georgetown. In addition to meeting various vendors, brides-to-be will have the opportunity to browse new BHLDN bridal gown and accessory designs. While admission is free, space is VERY limited so be sure to RSVP here. The best part? Your rsvp entitles you to a “plus one”!

As for us, we’ll be displaying DC-inspired custom wedding welcome gift ideas, up close and personal! We’ll also be revealing our BRAND NEW bridal collection featuring bride-to-be gifts, engagement gifts and bridesmaid gifts! But whatever you do, be sure to stop by our booth to enter to win a gift box comprised of both BHLDN and Marigold & Grey items! And if gifts aren’t enough to tempt you, our good friend Garrette from Brightly Ever After has some tricks up her sleeve to make our booth extra amazing. We can’t wait!

Image: Jessica Pritchard Photography

Image: Jessica Pritchard Photography

Vendor Lineup

Illustrator – Riley Sheehy

Welcome Gifts – Marigold & Grey

Catering – Heirloom DC

Bakery – Catherine George Cakes

Flowers – Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Wedding Planner – Grit & Grace

Calligrapher – Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Entertainment – Elan Artists (Nation)

Makeup Artist – T Mak Artistry

Photography – Jodi & Kurt Photography

Photo Booth – Pixilated

Stationery – Bella Jenna

If you plan to attend, please make sure you stop by and say ‘hi’. We’d love to meet you in person. Any questions, leave us a comment in the post or reach out via our contact page!

Featured on Good Morning America // Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We’ve had our curated gifts featured on TV a few times but with that said, I don’t think it will ever get old. It’s always a huge honor and let’s face it, it’s a great way for me to prove to my parents that “gift designer” really IS a legit job title.

For this feature, we were invited to be a part of Wedding Wire‘s Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017 segment. In the gifting arena, a big wedding trend we’ve been seeing is designing gift boxes around a specific theme. For example, brunch-in-a-box! It was a total thrill seeing two of our welcome gift designs show up on the screen of Good Morning America!

Check out the video clip HERE!

Image: ABC News

Image: ABC News

Our gift designs were up on the screen for mere seconds so just in case you didn’t catch them, here are the brunch-in-a-box wedding welcome gifts that were featured.

The first, French-inspired hat boxes with fresh croissants, jam, Badoit sparkling water, biscotti and more.


Image: Red October Photography


Image: Red October Photography; Paper Design: Paperzest

The second, a brunch-in-box curated gift box design featuring pain au chocolat, mini donuts, coffee and more.


Image Credit: Abby Jiu Photography; Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Last but not least, we are super thankful for the photography work of Abby Jiu and Red October Photography for helping make our custom gift designs so tv-worthy! Which wedding trends are your favorites so far in 2017? We’d love to hear from you!

Visit here for more information on our Custom Gift Design Service for weddings, corporate events, social events and client gifting.

Custom Welcome Gifts for Trouvaille Workshop // Part 4 of 4

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Perhaps you caught Part OnePart Two or Part Three of our Trouvaille Workshop gift series? Just in case you’re not familiar with what we’re doing, over the course of this series, I’ve shared the thought and aesthetic behind each unique welcome gift design we created for last year’s Trouvaille Workshop, hosted by Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events. Today is Part Four, the last part in the series!

This last gift was intended to be a thoughtful farewell gift presented to attendees as they departed to thank them for attending. The goal was to keep the gifts small but full of thought.

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

the kraft gift box contained a gorgeous blush sequin pillow cover by Mrs Freund & Co. (Definitely a favorite!!) We also included a beautifully packaged chocolate bar from Thanks a Latté with the message “I am grateful for many things but mostly for good chocolate and my exquisite taste in friends.” A slightly cheeky message but definitely appropriate given the many friendships formed throughout the Trouvaille week. Lastly, a set of gold foil thank you cards by Kara Anne Paper was tucked underneath grey silk ribbon on top of the box. A hand-lettered calligraphy tag by MM Ink Studio and fresh greenery finished it all off!

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Gifts don’t always have to be large with tons of contents in order to have an impact. These were a perfect example of using a few high-quality items with beautiful finishing touches to make a statement.

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

Image: Nancy Ray Photography

We hope you’ve enjoyed this four-part series highlighting these very special workshop gifts. We’d love to hear your feedback. Drop us a note in the comments or reach out via our contact page!

How to Create a Modern Easter Basket for Adults // Gift Guide

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Am I the only one who can barely believe it’s almost Easter? I mean, weren’t we JUST ringing in 2017? Anyway, with all the colorful Easter things filling the shelves at all the stores, it got me thinking about Easter baskets and how they aren’t just for kids. They should be for adults too, right? Today, I’m sharing my ideas for curating an adult-only Easter basket. Hope you enjoy!


1 Copper Basket

The vessel always sets the tone for any gifts and in this case, I’ve chosen a copper basket from CB2 as a modern base for the overall gift. I’ve never seen an Easter basket created in anything even close to this so this made me want to try it even more!

2 Tulips

Ahhhh tulips! Nothing says spring like tulips so they were an absolute must when curating this gift. I chose white for a modern, neutral backdrop. Wrapped with kraft paper and tied with ribbon, these add a fresh element to the basket that any adult recipient would be thrilled to receive. Via Telebouquet.

3 Decorative Eggs

An Easter basket isn’t complete without eggs of some kind. Since most grown-ups tend to try and stay away from a ton of chocolate (keyword: try), I selected pastel eggs intended for decorative purposes only. But this doesn’t make them boring! You can display them in a beautiful dish on your coffee table or even as a centerpiece at the kitchen table. The possibilities are endless!

4 Ribbon

I chose green and white striped ribbon as a finishing touch for the gift. It pulls together many of the green elements throughout this gift and is the perfect springtime color.

5 Dish Towels

I am over-the-moon smitten with these botanical dish towels. These can be rolled up and tied with ribbon inside the gift basket. Or, open them up a bit and drape the material over the outside of the basket for additional style.

6 Gift Tag

I selected a kraft gift tag with grommet along with “Happy Easter” in script font for a natural, yet elegant, look. You could have these printed, stamped or even hand-lettered!

7 Bonsai Tree

I’m a huge fan of gifts that involve doing an activity of some sort. This bonsai tree growing kit is a prime example of this! Not to mention, I love the galvanized tin the kit comes in as well as the clippers that come tied at the top. This is a gift in itself!

8 Frutta Fiore Candy

Leave it to Sugarfina to come up with these floral fondant candies that are sure to steal the show. The light pastel candies are gorgeous (and imported from Italy!) but also delicious at the same time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide! You still have plenty of time to pull something together in time for Easter and when you do, please share with us! We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with either in the comments or via our contact page. We always love hearing from you!

The Everyday Mother Baby Tracking Journal Featured in Mom-to-Be Gift Box // Small Business Spotlight

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

Perhaps you saw our brand new Mom-to-Be curated gift box that’s now available in our online shop? If you did, you probably noticed that one of the main items contained in the gift box is The Everyday Mother baby tracking journal. Because it’s aesthetically beautiful, extremely useful, and also has a very inspirational backstory, I thought we’d go straight to the designer herself for an in-depth look at how The Everyday Mother came to be. Meet Jackie Mangiolino…

Tell us a little about yourself!

Well, hello there! I’m Jackie – a Long Island based wife, mother, designer, entrepreneur, coach, dog-chaser, poop-cleaner, and dreamer of….naps. Like many business owners, I ditched a rather corporate career in order to create a life, and business, that worked better for my family and I. My professional background, and Master’s Degree, is in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which is the psychology of people in business. For years, I worked with executives and future corporate leaders to hone their interpersonal skills and create a more productive, fulfilling work environment. Interesting stuff, right?

Very interesting, indeed, but not the most creative, and definitely not supportive of the work-life balance I needed. Enter: Sincerely, Jackie. All through college, graduate school, and my corporate career, I was honing my skillset as a stationer. I fell in love with wedding invitations during my own engagement, and spent years learning all I could about print methods, paper textures, etiquette, and typography. Sincerely, Jackie steadily grew, and in 2014 my husband and I made the decision for me to work full-time for Sincerely, Jackie. Since then I have worked with couples across the country to create fine wedding invitations – paper heirlooms – for them to start their lives together with. I have also opened a studio that hosts other creative businesses and continue use my I/O background through coaching and mentoring other business owners.

Life was going swimmingly well, and in 2016, when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, things went from wonderful, to terrifying, to completely life changing.

Tell us the story behind The Everyday Mother.

On May 26, 2016 my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Richard Peter. He weighed 2lbs 2oz, was 14 weeks early, and his birth literally saved my life. I developed HELLP Syndrome, an extremely rare, potentially fatal pregnancy complication that can only be cured by delivery. Our family spent 99 days in the NICU, it was there that The Everyday Mother was born.

The Everyday Mother is a beautifully printed baby log for tracking daily essentials – feeding, napping, diapers, and showers for mom (let’s be real!). When Richie was in the NICU, I had to keep meticulous notes on my pumping, which is when I discovered there was nothing on the market that I could use. Yes, there were apps, but I needed something I could bring to and from the hospital (where cell phone service was poor). Even more, I wanted it to be BEAUTIFUL, you know, to perk up the oh-so-glamorous task of pumping. This is when I first decided I needed to create something for myself and other NICU mothers. I created a simple template that I printed at home – as a designer, I made sure the template was as lovely to look at as it was to use. I gave the template to my lactation consultants and nurses, who then gave it to other NICU moms, and before I knew it, I was sitting in the pumping room next to a mother who had hole-punched my template and was telling me how much it helped her! After leaving the NICU, I had to track even more baby details, so I decided to expand the original template and make it into a beautiful, spiral bound notebook that ALL families could use. Enter, The Everyday Mother. Our first print run of The Everyday Mother sold out in a matter of weeks, and that’s when I knew I had really created something amazing for families.

What were your biggest challenges in becoming a new mom?

 Aside from the unique medical challenges surrounding Richie’s birth, I had the same struggles as all other mothers. Eating, showering, surviving. Staying organized was huge for us, which is why The Everyday Mother became so important. Keeping track of the mundane things, like pumping, Richie’s bottles, naps, etc., really helped to free up a tiny bit of (desperately needed) space in my brain.

How is Baby M doing these days? What is he up to?

Richie continues to amaze us every day! He’s currently discovering solid foods, giggling up a storm, and trying to figure out how to befriend our dog (hint: it doesn’t involve tail-pulling). Even though he is technically ten months old, he is developmentally adjusted to seven months old (the three month difference is because he was three months premature). We will use his adjusted age until he is two years old.

He’ll always be considered a micro-preemie, even beyond the first two years. While that’s a little intimidating, I love seeing how he continues to beat the odds every day. We are so lucky that he has no severe lingering health issues. He’s right on target for his developmental goals, thanks to the team of medical professionals that we have helping us. The gratefulness I feel for Richie, and his incredible journey, is something I have a hard time putting words to.

In what ways do you think The Everyday Mother is most useful to new moms?

For me, the most powerful benefit of The Everyday Mother was that it relieved so much pressure from me, as the mother, and allowed my husband to really step in and share the load. Since mothers are often responsible for feeding baby (specifically, if breast feeding), it sort of snowballs and becomes the mother’s responsibility to remember when baby ate, pooped, got their gas medicine, napped, got a bath, etc. It is SO MUCH to have to remember and the pressure to remember such important things is overwhelming – especially when sleep deprived and recovering from, oh, you know, giving birth. The Everyday Mother allows all of that information to be logged neatly into a book that EVERYBODY can use. If I hopped in the shower and Richie started crying, my husband could easily look in the book to see the last time Richie ate/slept/got a fresh diaper without having to ask me anything. Now that I am back at work and we have Richie’s grandparents caring for him during the day, they use The Everyday Mother to write down feeds/naps/diapers. When I come home from work I can take a quick look at The Everyday Mother and known instantly how the day was and where to pick up – and the fact that the book is so beautifully designed makes it that much easier to use!

What are your future goals for The Everyday Mother and Sincerely Jackie Paper?

 I would love for The Everyday Mother to be a staple in every household with a new baby. I want to help families enjoy the early stages with their new child, and I believe the simple organization provided by The Everyday Mother is one way to achieve that. It’s amazing to me that a smartly designed pen & paper solution for daily baby tracking has never been made before The Everyday Mother, and I am honored to be the one to fill that hole.

As for the future of Sincerely, Jackie? Simply, my goal is to continue working with couples to create their wedding invitations. However, I am not at all opposed to altering some back-end aspects of my business(es) in order to make sure they’re effective and sustainable.

Why did you decide to partner with M&G? 

Partnering with Marigold & Grey was a no-brainer. On a personal level, Jamie and I share very similar business values, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. On a strategic level, I know that many people who purchase The Everyday Mother give it as part of a larger gift that they have to put together themselves. It seemed natural to take the guesswork out of the process and provide a curated gift all ready to go. And when it comes to curated, gorgeous gifts, who does it better than Marigold & Grey?!

Thank you Jackie for your extremely kind words and for taking the time to share your story with us! We’re thrilled to see where this collaboration takes both of our businesses and are honored to feature The Everyday Mother as this month’s Small Business Spotlight.