How to Create a Welcome Letter for your Wedding Welcome Bags // Part 2 of 3

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We’re back today with Part Two of our three-part Wedding Series and if you didn’t catch Part One it’s not too late to catch up here with tips on what to include in your wedding welcome bags. Today, we’re talking about one of our all-time favorite topics…welcome letters! One of the best ways to make your out-of-town guests feel VIP is to include a wedding welcome letter or booklet inside your wedding welcome gifts. But it’s not just for show. These letters and booklets are useful too! They guide your guests around unfamiliar territory (especially if you are having a destination wedding!) and most importantly, provide them with all the details of your wedding weekend itinerary. Wedding welcome letters can also offer a sneak peak into the design and overall feel of your wedding as well as sincere messages of appreciation from you. And who doesn’t want to feel appreciated as they’re welcomed to town?

Here are some of the items to include:

Heartfelt Note

Write a gracious and heartfelt note to your guests. Convey your thanks for making the trip to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion that surely wouldn’t be the same without them there with you. While most all of your guests know you well and are familiar with your love story, there may be “plus ones” who don’t know you as well. You might reference a special detail or two about how you met or why your wedding location has special significance to you and your relationship.

Weekend Itinerary

One of the most common items to include in a welcome wedding letter is the itinerary for the wedding weekend. Make sure to clearly state the event, venue location, address, time, and don’t forget to specify attire. The ceremony and reception locations are most commonly included but don’t forget the smaller events surrounding the wedding such as welcome dinner, wedding after-party, morning-after brunch and/or any other group activities and excursions.

Image: Lisa Ziesing of Abby Jiu Photography

Image: Lisa Ziesing of Abby Jiu Photography; Paper: MLC Designs


Bus pick-up times and locations! This is SO important. We’ve heard horror stories of guests not knowing where or when to be picked up and getting left behind. Just like with the wedding itinerary, clearly state the pick-up locations and times. If you’re not offering group transportation, that’s okay. You can still offer your guests help but offering phone numbers to local, reputable cab companies and of course, Uber and Lyft if available in the area. Uber even offers options specifically for events, info found here.

Things to Do

This part can be a lot of fun! When guests are coming in from out of town, they may have some downtime during the wedding weekend especially if they decide to extend their stay beyond the weekend. In your ‘Things To Do’ section, spill the beans on your favorite restaurants, bars, activities, and opportunities for sightseeing. If any of these places have special meaning to you, let your guests know why. It will mean more to them when they visit.

Walking Map

Custom maps are not only unique and memorable but can be extremely functional. For example, for weddings in cities where guests have the ability to walk from place to place, we love the idea of a custom-designed walking map. Include the basics such the ceremony and receptions venues but also notable landmarks and useful locations such as pharmacies, Starbucks and other frequently-visited spots your guests may need during their stay.

Contact Information

If you’re the one getting married, please please please resist the urge to offer your contact information in the welcome letter! Even if you have an award-winning wedding planner, you will still be busy. Why add a number at all, you ask? Well, emergencies can happen. Someone gets lost or issues may arise with the hotel. While it’s not up to you to fix it, it’s up to you to provide an emergency contact. The best point of contact is your wedding planner or someone not in your wedding party but reliable and familiar with the wedding weekend schedule. But pretty please, anyone but you!

Who’s Who

Wedding guests tend to have a better time when they know other people who are attending! It can be fun to clue your guests in on who’s who ahead of time. This can mean introducing the wedding party in your welcome booklet or taking it a step further and offering a guide of who’s coming to the wedding. Guesterly does an awesome job of this and makes it incredibly easy for you to pull the guest info together and even helps you present it in a fun, creative way.

Make it Blend

Once you have the important content figured out, now you can focus on the aesthetics of the welcome letter. This is the fun part! Make sure the design coordinates well with the style and color palette of your welcome gifts. Ideally, your welcome inserts can be designed along with your other wedding paper…invitations, signage, day-of paper, etc.

We hope these tips have helped you map out your welcome letter and get started! Often times, getting started is half the battle. For more information on our signature Custom Gift Design Service, including welcome letters and booklets, visit us here.

What to Include in Wedding Welcome Bags // Part 1 of 3

As a professional gift designer, I often get asked for advice on what to include when curating wedding welcome gifts so figured it was time for a three-part blog series all about these types of gifts and today is Part One! When designing wedding welcome bags, I take into consideration many factors such as location, wedding style, budget, color palette and even the personalities and interests of the couple. But overall, the most important thing is to make sure the gift as well-balanced and as unique to the couple and their wedding as possible. Read on for some ideas today and then stay tuned because we have two more posts coming in this series later this week and next!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Local Keepsake

Including a meaningful keepsake is a fantastic way to leave your guests with something to remember your wedding by. I adore city-specific coasters or even a notecard set featuring artwork depicting landmarks of the city where you’re getting married. You can even let your gift packaging double as a keepsake by choosing a tote with a screen-printed map of the area. You can also highlight hobbies or interests that play a role in your relationship. Have fun and get creative!

Sweet Treat

This is a great opportunity to choose something special to you and your fiance. Do you and your fiancé have a favorite bakery nearby? Maybe an individually-wrapped brownie or cookie from this establishment would be the perfect sweet (and meaningful!) snack. Are you having a seaside wedding? Salt water taffy is a great ocean-inspired option to satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings. If you want to tie in your wedding color palette into the gift, macarons are a fantastic way to show off your wedding colors, these from Olivia Macaron. Or, perhaps you simply want to welcome your guests with a celebratory vibe. Champagne Gummy Bears or Champagne Bubbles by Sugarfina are always a Marigold & Grey favorite!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Savory Snack

Balance out the sweet with some good old-fashioned salty! Some ideas we like include salted peanuts, flavorful crackers, bagel crisps, pita chips, trail mix, popcorn, gourmet potato chips or maybe even some high-quality beef jerky.


Let’s face it. It’s pretty annoying to check into a hotel and discover that bottled water isn’t included in the room. Help your guests stay hydrated especially since they’ll be enjoying cocktails and dancing the night away at your reception! For an added touch, consider sparkling water. Mini San Pellegrino bottles always look nice. Also, consider seasonally appropriate drinks such a gourmet hot chocolate for a winter wedding or a spring IPA beer from a local brewery.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Custom Paper Goods

Chances are, you have all the particulars spelled out on your wedding website as well as the invitation suite you mailed out. But, once guests arrive in town, they may not have easy access to all the info. Make it easy for them by creating a weekend timeline along with any necessary maps to help them get to where they need to be. Also, don’t forget a heartfelt message thanking your guests for making the trip. Take it a step further and create a booklet of the “who’s who” of your wedding party or even the background into your love story.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, pull it all together with memorable finishing touches that take the gifts to the next level and really stay in your guests memory long after the wedding is over. This means ribbon that color coordinates perfectly with your wedding palette, tied in the most perfect bow. It can even mean greenery, either inside or outside of the box or bag.

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Remember to have fun with these and create something uniquely yours! Don’t have time to create welcome gifts for your guests? Find out more about our Custom Design Service here.

Artisan Gifting Business Marigold & Grey Announce Galentine’s Giftaway Winner

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

This year, we decided to forego the traditional Valentine’s Day route and celebrate our girlfriends instead! You may recall, we recently shared how to curate a Galentine’s Day gift box of your own and decided to host a gift-away for the box we created. In true Marigold & Grey fashion, we shipped the gift directly to the winner’s recipient of choice as a gift-away because we believe it’s always better to gift than to receive.

Okay, time to meet our winner! Congratulations to Jessica Rogers! Not only will she be gifting our Galentine’s Day box to her long-time bestie, Karley, she was kind enough to give us her thoughts on selecting her Galentine!


What prompted you to enter Marigold & Grey’s Galentine’s Giftaway?

I’m a total M&G fangirl, constantly swooning over the gifts you specially curate.  When I saw the contents of this gift-away and the heart behind the idea, I knew I wanted to try and win for my best friend!

Tell us about the recipient you chose.

The recipient I chose is Karley, my best friend.  She is a nursing supervisor at a very busy hospital ER, but she would be happiest if you joined her while she decorated her house with all the best details, practiced pilates, read a good book, or drank coffee and ate macaroons while listening to the Andrews Sisters.  We met when we were 15 while dating best friends that she knew from high school and I knew from youth group.  Eventually, the guys broke up with us, but we have remained best friends all these years.  Even though we haven’t lived in the same state for more than 1 or 2 years at a time, she’s my dearest friend and we have consistently celebrated personal victories and encouraged each other through the really hard stuff.  Karley is fiercely loyal to her family and closest friends and I’m constantly amazed by her personal and professional accomplishments.

Artisan Gifting Business Artisan-Gifting-company-Marigold-and-Grey-Celebrates-Galentines-Day-Giftaway-1

What does your Galentine mean to you?

There aren’t many friends that stick with you through high school drama, college heartache, getting married, and having babies while living several states away, but Karley has.  I can tell her anything, share the scary and hard stuff, and know I will be listened to and loved at the end of it.  Many people would have drifted apart or called it quits long ago, but we didn’t and I’m so thankful.  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend!

Why do you want to celebrate her with this gift?

Karley is my best friend, but she has taken my entire family on as her own to love and care for.  I am so grateful to have her as the best honorary auntie to my little girls and for her thoughtful encouragement to me and my husband in our marriage.  She’s a generous and intentional gift giver to all of us and so I thought for once, she should be the recipient of such a well-curated gift!  I hope this is a special part of her Valentine’s celebration.  She deserves it!

Artisan Gifting Business Artisan-Gifting-company-Marigold-and-Grey-Celebrates-Galentines-Day-Giftaway-3

Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for another “giftaway” in the near future!

Planner Profile // Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

We are SO excited to be bringing back one of our all-time favorite blog series, The Planner Profile. We’re getting this series back on track with none other than Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations. Rhi is not only an incredible wedding and event planner, floral designer and stylist, but I’m also honored to call her a friend. Read on find out how Rhiannon got her start, her favorite wedding traditions and the best part about being a planner!

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up as a wedding planner?

My professional journey starts back in 2008 when I graduated college with a dual honors broadcast and print journalism degree. Unable to find a job anywhere in the country but loaded with a resume full of experience and accolades, and an eagerness to start my career, I felt like there must be something out there worth pursuing beyond what I studied in school. To help make job searching less depressing (it was after all 2008!) I started a blog about my love for dessert and baking on Valentines Day of 2009 and that single decision set in motion my entrepreneurship story. It very much was the foundation for the company I now run nearly a decade later. I never ended up becoming a news reporter like 2008 Rhiannon thought she would, and I didn’t open a bakery like 2009 Rhiannon wanted to, but instead I run a small but mighty event planning, floral design, and styling company that’s a million times better!

On a personal note, I’m a joyful wife, adventurous mother in pursuit of a building a life-giving home, and passionate advocate for sharing stories that transform lives. My role within my home and family is my favorite and most important job.

What sets you apart from other planners in the industry?

I think what sets me a part is a combination of being incredibly loyal and personable along with staying creative even when my decisions and choices are not trendy. The wedding industry is always changing much like the people and trends within it. So it’s part of our job to stay relevant and find ways to be better versions of ourselves from season to season without losing sight of who we are at our core; that’s a big feat! And one I feel like I have done well in my company so far.

Please describe your ideal client.

My ideal client values experiences as much as they value tangible things that stand for intentionality and beauty. My ideal client is a busy professional or student, or sometimes is someone not all that busy but in pursuit of an enjoyable wedding planning process that is stress-free and streamlined. My ideal client is drawn to a romantic aesthetic, craves traditional touches, and looks for details that will help make their celebration reflective of their personalities versus a duplicated look from the pages of Pinterest.

What’s the best advice you have for brides and grooms to be?

Hire a planner and if possible, a planner that can also serve as your wedding designer and stylist! They truly are worth every single penny and then some. The final push that motivated me to start my business was right after my own wedding when I realized I had failed miserably at both executing my wedding day myself while simultaneously being the bride. While I woke up the morning after my wedding so grateful to have the best husband next to me, I felt a deep sense of regret for not getting to enjoy the day the way I wanted to. Had I invested in a planner or even someone to help manage all of the moving parts at the final hour I feel like that wouldn’t have been the case. Starting my business not only came from a place of wanting to create something professionally but it came from a place with personal motivations, to make sure every single client I work with has the opposite experience I did.

Best part of being a planner?

There are so many! The creative process is one of my favorites because I get to challenge myself, flex my creative muscles (a favorite pastime since I was a little girl), and create things others can indulge in and be blown away by. But more so, the best part for me is getting to love well on others. I believe there are good planners and there are great ones and the small difference between the two is an ability to love your clients, and everyone involved in each wedding, really really well. It’s hard to mess up in this industry when love drives how you talk to, treat, interact, and work with and for others.

Most challenging part of being a planner?

For having a job that so often is paralleled with Jennifer Lopez’s character in, ‘The Wedding Planner’ we sure have stressful jobs as wedding planners. While the constant managing and organizing of hundreds of details, documents, ideas, decisions, and people is one of the trickiest parts, what I feel like is the most challenging is having the expectation that because I’m the planner and my team is on site day of, we’re responsible for no less than perfection. Drunk guests? The planners will help with that! Shuttles got lost? The planners will drive out and lead the way to the venue! Clogged toilets? The planning team can find the plunger! Rain in the forecast? The planners will fix that (wait, what?). Jokes aside, we WANT and really try to do everything we can to deliver nothing but perfection yet for obvious reasons that’s not always feasible and that can make us feel like somehow we’re doing a less than stellar job if something beyond our control happens (which sometimes it does). That truly is the hardest parts of this gig. 

Biggest wedding disaster and how you overcame it?

I would hate to throw any clients, their families, guests or vendors under the bus but I will say this; in any disaster we have encountered whether it’s weather related, due to a guest, or oversight on a vendor OR own end, we are usually able to overcome it with quick thinking, team work, and having a back up of tools, supplies, and resources.

Favorite wedding tradition?

Goodness, there are so many favorites! But my team will tell you one of my most favorites is the tradition of a wedding cake; and not a small two-tier cake but we are talking a big, elaborate, old fashioned, buttercream cake. Nothing beats a beautiful and delicious tiered confection in the center of the reception space or the sight of a newly married couple cutting into that cake together while their guests watch in delight. 

Fave color palette?

I love blush and champagne as much as the next wedding planner but a classic black and white wedding will forever remain near and dear to my heart. It’s timeless, a bit moody, balances out masculine and feminine well, and makes for a grown up and sophisticated celebration. Also, blue is really growing on us lately in the RBC studio. We’ve been able to do some really cool design work with different shades of blue over the last season.

Fave spot for a destination wedding?

We’ve already done two weddings in Italy so I’d have to say it would be a fun project to take on a traditionally tropical wedding location (like the Dominican, Bermuda, etc) and make that come to life without birds of paradise, artificially colored orchids or teal blue chair sashes; and not that there’s anything wrong with those particular things it’s just that there is so much more to a beautifully warm paradise of sun and sand. It’s a rewarding experience taking a space and transforming it into something unexpected. 

Fave ‘something blue’?

If it means something special to the bride then it’s my favorite. Whether it’s their dream pair of blue heels, a piece of their late dad’s blue work shirt sewn into their dress, or blue flowers from their grandma’s garden tucked into their bouquet, I’m always eager to hear how each of my clients plans to incorporate this fun tradition into their wedding look.

Fave floral?

White hellebores are my most favorite. Followed by Japanese sweet peas. Followed by crowd favorite, the peony.

Thank you Rhiannon for sharing your background, signature style and words of wisdom with us today! Much appreciated! We love sharing Planner Profiles on the blog, so stay tuned for more to come!

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes for Arizona Conference

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you know anything about us, you know we love when gifts play double-duty. These corporate holiday gifts held two very important purposes – to wish Hirtle & Callaghan clients happy holidays and to encourage them to attend the firm’s January conference in Arizona.

For this gift, we needed to blend a holiday gift with some desert flair. We chose a kraft box with burgundy, black and white colors to keeps the gifts as masculine as possible while still having a warm look and feel that will immediately remind recipients of Arizona.

Inside, we selected four high-impact items to make a statement. We commissioned custom black-and-white cactus cookies from Sugar Studio and sourced tortilla chips and salsa from local Arizona brands. To finish it off, we added a live succulent to each gift.

For the custom note, we opted for a card from Just Write Studios inside the gift with the phrase ‘Arizona Awaits’ and a personal note from the company. Outside the box, we used silky merlot ribbon with a gold ‘happy holidays’ tag.

In addition to wedding welcome gifts and social gifts for all occasions, we love creating versatile gifts that make a statement for our corporate clients. Not only do we mirror the aesthetic of our clients’ events, but they also need to be useful to the recipients. It’s a balancing act and we’re always up for the challenge. For more information on Custom Gift Design Service, please inquire HERE.

How to Curate a Galentine’s Day Gift Box

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman | Founder

If you’ve been in a grocery store recently (or any store, really), you know that Valentine’s Day is almost here. But instead of your run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day gifts, here at Studio Marigold & Grey, we’re celebrating Galentine’s Day instead. It’s the perfect chance to show our love and appreciation for all the ladies in our lives and yours.  Okay, time for a little ‘how-to’ just in case you want to show some love to your best girlfriends in the form of a curated gift box. You know, our favorite love language!

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Image: Lissa Ryan Photography

Fun Mug

We love mugs but it can’t just be any mug. We searched high and low for the perfect progirl-power-yet-still-fun-and-feminine mug phrase and after countless examples of “ovaries before brovaries” and “uteruses before duderesses”, we almost gave up. But then it happened. We fell hard for this adorable “You’re The She To My Nanigans” Mug. Not a mug fan? Other great options include tumbler cups, travel coffee cups or even wine glasses. By the way, wine tumblers even come in stainless steel these days and we can’t get enough.


To pair with your cup of choice, add a beverage. We chose to go with a bag of Ceremony Coffee in their signature black and white packaging. Tea, a great bottle of wine, or especially champagne would work perfectly as well.


Silky pajamas from Plum Pretty Sugar are the next item. We loved the adorable botanical print – perfect for a woman at any age. With tons of patterns and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect set for your bestie.

Bath Item

A Galentine’s Day gift wouldn’t be complete without a spa item. We chose mint julep bath scrub but any color-coordinated bath product would do as long as it smells amazing and actually does what it says it will do. Perfect for an evening of self-care!

Girly Candle

We selected a modern, floral-scented candle to provide a feeling of spring. A great smelling candle is the perfect addition to any spa-themed box.

Heart-Shaped Something

A Galentine’s Day gift wouldn’t be complete without a heart-shaped item. We selected a heart-shaped bath bomb with rose petals but truthfully, the possibilities are endless here.  It is the perfect addition to the spa-themed gift but anything with a fun Valentine’s day flair will do!

Gift Tag & Notecard

Don’t forget to add a customized gift tag and notecard to your gift. We dreamed up a classic black and white “XO” set by Just Write Studios. The best part about receiving a gift is knowing the thought behind it, so be sure to include a heartfelt, handwritten note.


For a touch of traditional Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the blooms! We chose tulips for yet another nod to springtime. Once you tie the ribbon around the box, you can easily slide the stems underneath the ribbon and the florals act as part of the gift in addition to a gorgeous finishing touch!

Voila! You’re ready to share the love with the gals in your life! Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook in the next few days for our Galentine’s Giftaway announcement! Yup, you guessed it. We’re giving away the gift box you see in this post. And because we believe it’s always better to gift than receive, if you’re the winner, we’ll drop-ship the gift to your galentine of choice! Good luck!

To check out our full collection of Pre-Designed Gift Boxes for all occasions, head on over to our online shop. Gifts in the shop have no order minimums and are offered with free shipping!